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Wednesday, 29 December 2010

The Year in Review - 2010 Books

Lots of terrific books were published in 2010 -
Here's a list of those

from the authors of the

Lindsay's Romantics Group...

His Lucky Charm, contemporary romantic suspense, (ebook and print), by Chelle Cordero,

Passionate Hearts Anthology, stories of love, (ebook and print), "The Vacation" by Chelle Cordero

Forever Travels Anthology, stories of travel, (print), "Stormy Weather" by Chelle Cordero

Living, Breathing, Writing, writing lessons (ebook), by Chelle Cordero

Mistletoe Everywhere, Christmas Regency comedy (ebook only) by Linda Banche

A Knight's Enchantment,
medieval historical romance set in England (ebook and print), by Lindsay Townsend

Chasing Rachel, contemporary romantic suspense set on Dartmoor (ebook and print), by Lindsay Townsend

Holiday in Bologna, contemporary romantic suspense novella set in Italy (ebook only), by Lindsay Townsend

Summer Duet, 'Holiday in Bologna' and 'A Secret Treasure' in one paperback, by Lindsay Townsend

A Secret Treasure, romantic suspense novella set in 1930s Greece (audiobook edition), by Lindsay Townsend

Branded by the Texans, paranormal western erotic romance (ebook and print), by Savanna Kougar

The Tiger's Masquerade, shapeshifter erotic romance, short story in the "Just Another ParaNormal Halloween" anthology (ebook), by Savanna Kougar

Hostage of the Heart, mediaeval historical romance: sweet (ebook), by Linda Acaster

Beneath The Shining Mountains, 1830s Native American historical romance: sensual (ebook), by Linda Acaster

Torc of Moonlight : Special Edition, Bk1 in a trilogy of UK timeslip thrillers: sensual (ebook), by Linda Acaster

Contributions to Mankind and other stories of the Dark, collection of five ghost stories: non-romantic (ebook), by Linda Acaster

Captured, a work of Science Fiction Romance, and EPIC Finalist, by Julia Rachel Barrett (Kindle and Print)

My Everything, Romantic/Suspense, by Julia Rachel Barrett (ebook)

Beauty and the Feast, a Contemporary Romance and EPIC Finalist, by Julia Rachel Barrett (Kindle)

Anytime Darlin', Romantic Suspense, by Julia Rachel Barrett (Kindle and Print)

One Four All, a Science Fiction Menage, by Julia Rachel Barrett (Kindle)

Daughters of Persephone, Exile and Return, a Science Fiction Romance Series, by Julia Barrett (Kindle)

Daughters of Persephone, Reborn and Red Demon, A Science Fiction Romance Series, by Julia Barrett (Kindle)

Come Back To Me, Romantic Suspense, by Julia Rachel Barrett (Kindle)

Sweet Danger, by Cheryl Pierson

Short Stories by Cheryl Pierson (Victory Tales Press anthologies):
A SUMMER COLLECTION-- (To Make the Magic Last)
A HALLOWEEN COLLECTION Stimulating Edition--(Always and Forever)
A CHRISTMAS COLLECTION Sweet Edition--(Homecoming)
A CHRISTMAS COLLECTION Sensual Edition--(Scarlet Ribbons)
A CHRISTMAS COLLECTION Spicy Edition--(White Christmas)

The Hungarian (paranormal romance) by Stephanie Burkhart, Desert Breeze Publishing:The Hungarian

Shadows & Light by Stephanie Burkhart in the BorealisII Anthology (science fiction romance) Desert Breeze Publishing:Shadows & Light

Matchmaking A-muse-ment by Stephanie Burkhart in the Be Mused Anthology (light paranormal) Desert Breeze Publishing:Matchmaking Amusement

Texas Promise by Celia Yeary-Western Historical-Desert Breeze Publishing

Making the Turn by Celia Yeary-Classic Romance/Women's Fiction-

A Christmas Wedding by Celia Yeary-Novella-Contemporary-   


Katalina Leon said...

What an exciting list! I wish I had read them all. I can vouch for several of Julia Rachel Barrett's books on your list, which I read and loved.
My hope for 2011 is get more leisure time to enjoy great books! I'm missing out on so many winners.

Maeve Greyson said...

Great list and some of these are at different levels in my TBR pile. I need to print this off and check them off as I work through them. Thanks!

Unknown said...

I ordered an iPad yesterday just so I can read 'Captured' -- and also 'Four for One'! (smiles) OK, maybe that wasn't the only reason! But I convinced myself that it was.

Linda Acaster said...

Gee, I think we all did very well indeed. That is a heck of a long list! Round of applause there...

Chelle Cordero said...

We do have quite an impressive list of titles, kudos to all.


Cheryl Pierson said...

WOW! I am really honored to be here with you all! This is a fantastic list of work! I'm printing it off and I'm going to sit down with my NEW KINDLE THAT SANTA BROUGHT ME and start BUYING BOOKS! LOL Chelle, great idea you had and thanks to Lindsay and anyone else who helped with the formatting--I'm a terrible klutz when it comes to that kind of stuff. It looks GREAT!

Chelle Cordero said...

just to let you know, I reposted this entire blog (including source) on my Xanga blog

Cheryl Pierson said...

Thanks, Chelle!