Sunday, 21 August 2016


Distant Vision 
{original premise}

Alex and Ramie

You hear her calling from across the distance between you. See a vision of her in total darkness and danger.

What would you do if you knew your true love mate was in impending danger? You would move so called heaven and hell to get to her, help her, save her. The problem is you live light years away from her and she doesn’t even know your world exists. 

What would you do then?

For Alex of the Light Power the distance between them isn‘t as far as it seems. His people have mastered advanced quantum FTL the power of faster-than-light speed Tech. The difficulty is  in convincing the Alliance to let him go, because on her world how to use the quantum hasn’t even been discovered yet…

Planets of the Light Power Alliance

Now this is the real SFR I'm talking about!

 coming soon

Kaye Manro


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Sunday, 14 August 2016


To The Morning...
He and Me

Romantic Relationships

My guy and I are deep in talk and contemplation about what direction to take our budding romantic relationship. We actually had a love relationship a few years ago, and lately have been rekindling it again. We are thinking about how we can keep from making the same mistakes we did back then. 

Committed relationships are not so easy no doubt. And we know that for sure. We have been around the block a few times with others too. 

At first it all seems like roses and honey, but as times goes on we both know it does and will move out of that blush of love and into more everyday things that can deflate that first bloom of attraction and take the wind out of it. 

So we have been talking. A lot. In truth, there really is no way to tell if a relationship will make it through all the tough stuff and become truly loving caring and giving or not. 

Not in the beginning. For right now we are both so enamored and in love with each other we may not see the forest through the future trees. But at least we are not in the dark and are aware of what is happening to us now. At least we have our past relationship to look back on. 

Is that enough? Because this new love feeling is so brand new and sweet to us, and so full of promise. But at least our past is something we can refer back to if we need it. Which we have even a few times already. And that helped us see things more clearly as we fall more in love with each other.

And we are both aware of what could happen. So the question for today is, 

How do you make love stay?

Some have done this, many have tried. So here we stand, ready to embark on a new romantic love relationship journey. Where will we go from here?

Love and Luck to me and my guy...

Kaye Manro 

To The Morning

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Tuesday, 9 August 2016



Kaye Manro

Back Bay, Boston 1966

“…I’ll send all my lovin’ to you… all my lovin’ I will send to you..”

Krista McBaine woke to the sound of Nick’s strong tenor voice singing along with a Beetle’s song on the radio.

She smiled. “I love you, Nick Zelmenis.” She called to him and pushed the covers off her naked body. Setting up she stretched her long arms overhead. The bedroom in their Brownstone flat was far too cold and the chill in the room made her shiver.

“What’d ya say, baby?” he called back to her from the kitchen where he was preparing their morning espresso.  

 “You know what I said,” knowing he could read her thoughts and every word if he wanted to do it. They had a distinct telepathic connection and she loved every minute of it.

Feeling a cool rush of air from the not very insulated window beside the bed, she crawled on hands and knees toward the bottom to fetch her warm winter robe. It was a freezing early March, no more than 15 degrees outside and it felt like 45 inside.

Just about then, Nick entered the bedroom carrying two steaming espressos. “Whoa,” he said. In a swift move he sat the cups on the side table and rolled across the bed. Grabbing her by the ankles he pulled her to him.

“Nick,” she giggled, “what are you doing? I’m cold and I want my robe.”

“And I want you,” he said as he brought her closer to his body, wrapping his arms around her from behind. “I’ll get ya warmed up, baby.” He rocked her downward until she lay flat against the mattress with him on top of her.

“Come on Nick,” her words muffled into the blanket. “I can’t be late for ballet rehearsal today. You know how Rudolf Nureyev is about time. He’s working my solo choreography today. I just can’t be late.”

“We’ve got time,” he said, pushing her long amber hair aside and kissing the back of her neck.

She could never resist anything about him. She wriggled around and pushed him backward until she had turned over, still underneath him.

Laying on top of her he scooted onto his elbows and stared at her face, smiling.

His cute grin got her every time. Entangling her fingers in his long wavy hair, she pulled him close and kissed him. “ I want you too.” She said as her mouth touched his sensual lips.

 God I love you Krista. He sent a thought to her.

Love you more, she sent back…


 Nick sat on the flowered settee in the living room of their flat strumming his acoustic guitar while he waited for Krista to get ready for the dance studio. “Hey baby, you need a ride on the YD3 today?”

He glanced up as she came out of the bedroom, her dance bag flung over her shoulder.

"Bella’s got classes at Boston College and said I could catch a ride with her since she goes right past the Conservatory.”  

“Groovy,” he said and continued playing his guitar.

She went over to the settee, bent down and gave him a kiss on the top of his head. “Whatcha working on?” she asked.

 “Just a little song that came to me in the night.”

“Oh? What is it? A new protest song?”

“Hmm, not this time,” he said and grinned at her.

“Okay, so what is it? She prodded. Her curiosity piqued. She loved hearing him create new songs and wished she could stick around today and watch him work.

He stretched his head and twisted around to look out the bay widow which was situated right behind the settee. “Isn’t that Bella out front?” he said. “You best be going, girl.”

“Okay,” she said. But I want to be the first to hear that song when it’s done. Deal?”

He gave her a raised eyebrow. “Have a groovy time dancing today. Oh, he added. “And if you run into Franklin at the C, tell him to stop by later, will ya?”

“Sure,” she said and headed to the front door. If Nick wanted Franklin Bass and his keyboards involved, must be a far out serious song he was writing…

Nick's new song for Krista coming soon 
 Remember Him yesterday coming in the near future

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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Guest blog: Hannah Fielding - 'Legacy'

A troubled young journalist finds her loyalties tested when love and desire unearth dark secrets from the past.
Spring, 2010. When Luna Ward, a science journalist from New York, travels halfway across the world to work undercover at an alternative health clinic in Cadiz, her ordered life is thrown into turmoil.
The doctor she is to investigate, the controversial Rodrigo Rueda de Calderon, is not what she expected. With his wild gypsy looks and devilish sense of humour, he is intent upon drawing her to him. But how can she surrender to a passion that threatens all reason; and how could he ever learn to trust her when he discovers her true identity? Then Luna finds that Ruy is carrying a corrosive secret of his own…
Luna’s native Spanish blood begins to fire in this land of exotic legends, flamboyant gypsies and seductive flamenco guitars, as dazzling Cadiz weaves its own magic on her heart. Can Luna and Ruy’s love survive their families’ legacy of feuding and tragedy, and rise like the phoenix from the ashes of the past? 
Legacy is a story of truth, dreams and desire. But in a world of secrets you need to be careful what you wish for…

Buy from:

About Hannah:

Hannah Fielding is an incurable romantic. The seeds for her writing career were sown in early childhood, spent in Egypt, when she came to an agreement with her governess Zula: for each fairy story Zula told, Hannah would invent and relate one of her own. Years later – following a degree in French literature, several years of travelling in Europe, falling in love with an Englishman, the arrival of two beautiful children and a career in property development – Hannah decided after so many years of yearning to write that the time was now. Today, she lives the dream: writing full time at her homes in Kent, England, and the South of France, where she dreams up romances overlooking breath-taking views of the Mediterranean.

Hannah is a multi-award-winning novelist, and to date she has published five novels: Burning Embers, ‘romance like Hollywood used to make’, set in Kenya; The Echoes of Love, ‘an epic love story that is beautifully told’ set in Italy; and the Andalusian Nights Trilogy Indiscretion, Masquerade and Legacy – her fieriest novels yet, set in sunny, sultry Spain.

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