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"Oceans Away" - contemporary romance by Skye McNeil. Blurb and Excerpt


Adopted as an infant, Ireland Leighton grew up in the heart of the Midwest. After inheriting millions from her biological parents, she is determined to help others any way she can. The only string is a business engagement with another millionaire. Ireland returns to Iowa years later to plan her brother’s tropical wedding. The festivities would be easier if her sexy ex-boyfriend stayed out of reach and her future wasn’t already planned.
Time suppressed his feelings for the girl next door, but Gideon Taggart isn’t about to let Ireland escape again. Farmer by day, veterinarian by choice, his second chance with his first love is far from easy. He soon discovers that no matter how much he loves Ireland, she’ll always choose her family over a future with him.
Oceans Away is book two in Skye McNeil’s stand-alone contemporary romance series, Atlas. Each book contains a millionaire to envy, snort-worthy comedy, and visits to many beautiful cities in the world. Yes, all of that, plus each novel ends with a fabulous HEA.

Oceans Away Excerpt, Skye McNeil
“So, who’s this Toby guy again?” Gideon interrupted, still standing next to her.
“He’s my personal assistant.”
Gideon crossed his arms over his chest. “Mmhmm, and what exactly does he assist you with?”
Ireland held in a smug grin. He looked too cute with his eyes narrowed. “Aw, is somebody jealous?”
He straightened. “No.”
Teasing him was much too easy. “That’s too bad.” She fanned herself dramatically. “He’s just my type too.”
“So am I.”
Ireland laughed and cocked her head to the right. “Who says you’re my type? Just because we dated doesn’t mean you’re my type anymore.”
Gideon stepped closer and he lowered his voice. “If your reaction from the kiss the other day—”
“It was just a kiss.”
He didn’t budge, but his eyes showed her statement wounded him. “Then do it again.”
“Kiss me again,” he dared.
Ireland’s stance wobbled. “Why would I do that?”
Gideon smirked, the act sexier than any other she’d seen on him before. “To prove you like kissing me. Oh, and that I’m still your type, whether or not you want to admit it.”
Ireland stared into his eyes, digesting his words at the terrifying truth. She had liked kissing him the other day. She’d always liked kissing him. Locking lips with Gideon wasn’t a problem. Falling for him was. She couldn’t afford to do it again, no matter how badly she wanted to.
He leaned toward her, but only to grab a napkin from the table before the breeze threw it to the grass. She heard her sharp intake of breath and realized she’d hoped he was leaning in to brush his lips to hers.
Gideon chuckled and winked. “Don’t fight it, darlin’,” he said, then took a seat next to Zavier.

Skye McNeil
Author of Romantic Suspense & Contemporary Romance novels that are smart, sexy, and sassy.

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Christmas in July. 3 Historical Romances set at Christmas

It's Christmas in July time and I have several romance novels that are set at or around Christmas.

Flavia's Secret, my romance set in Roman Britain and Roman Bath, has its climax during the Saturnalia, the ancient world version of Christmas. You can read more here.

Dare Celtic slave Flavia trust her Roman master Marcus?
In the Roman city of Aquae Sulis (modern Bath), Celtic slave Flavia longs to be free. Her mistress’ death brings a threat to Flavia’s dream: Valeria’s heir Marcus, a handsome, dangerous Roman officer. Flavia is drawn to Marcus but she has a deadly secret to hide and many enemies.

Just 99cents or 99p, free to read with Kindle Unlimited
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Also in Audio and Large print.

My sweet medieval historical romance, SIR CONRAD AND THE CHRISTMAS TREASURE, is up and out. You can read it for free with Kindle Unlimited.

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In print at here
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What is the true treasure of Christmas?

Maggie’s younger brother, Michael, is kidnapped by outlaws, and it’s up to her to rescue him. Appealing to Sir Conrad, the grim steward of the northern English high lands, is the very last thing she wants to do. With the very real possibility that the outlaws know of Michael’s talent—the ability to open any lock, to reveal any treasure—Maggie races against time to find him before his usefulness to the outlaws is ended.

Sir Conrad desires Maggie from the minute he sees her—she makes him feel alive again—and that has not happened since the death of his wife. Though he hasn’t known Maggie before, a strange feeling of familiarity nags, and he agrees to aid the beautiful peasant girl in this quest of finding her brother.

Joining forces, Maggie and Sir Conrad form a tenuous bond. When an assassin attacks Maggie, the pieces of the puzzle begin to fit, and Conrad realizes that even Maggie doesn’t know the power she holds. But Conrad not only must keep Maggie safe, he must thwart the dangerous devices of his spiteful older brother, Richard, who has lately returned from crusade.

As love blossoms, Maggie and Conrad must protect one another. Evil is all around them, and doubt is a cruel enemy. Will their faith in each other keep them united? In the world of dangerous courtly intrigue, who is saving whom? Love is all that matters…but can that be enough?

A Knight's Captive - a novel that also has it's climax at Christmas-time

It’s 1066, a year of strange comets and portents, harsh battles, dying kings and Norman and Viking invaders. Compelled to go on pilgrimage in a restive northern England, war-worn Breton knight Marc de Sens knows his first obligation is to his three orphaned nieces. But then he encounters the stunning blonde beauty Sunniva and his life changes forever.

Thrust together by betrayal, Marc and Sunniva must find a way to survive these turbulent times, but both hold dark and deadly secrets and trust between them is slow to grow. What happens when their tentative truce is shattered? Will Marc be held captive by his past? Will Sunniva become his willing prisoner? And will they find a way to find love and free themselves?

(Previously published by Kensington Publishing, New York, in 2009. Nominated for the ‘Romantic Times’ Reviewers’ Choice Best Historical Novels Award, 2009.)

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Review of "Friday's Child" by Rosemary Morris

Since the day her oldest sister entered society, Lady Elizabeth, the Earl of Saunton’s sister, imagined the pleasures of her first London Season, during which she expected to meet her future husband. Unfortunately, when she is old enough to make her debut, no member of her immediate family is available to chaperone her in London, so she accepts her Great-Aunt Augusta’s offer to bring her out in Cheltenham. 

Elizabeth looks forward to living at Augusta’s grand house near the lively, popular town where people drink mineral water at pump houses and enjoy the social life. Determined to be the perfect debutante, she cannot imagine creating a scandal, so it is fortunate that she cannot foresee the future. Modest, loving and giving Elizabeth is blessed with beauty and a fortune, which attracts suitors. It would not be surprising if her ‘head is turned’ by admirers but she is not a flirt. 

From the moment she sees Mr Yates she sets her heart on him. At the same time, she is not attracted to her brother’s friend with an exotic background, and amber eyes like a tiger’s which unnerve her. Both gentlemen made their fortunes when they served in the East India Company, but will they lead her into trouble, be right for Elizabeth and will one of them be the perfect match for her?

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5 stars

Engaging heroine, darkly passionate hero

Elizabeth, the heroine of this historical romance, matches the description of the novel's title. Loving and giving, she is excited to take part in her first season in Cheltenham. Determined and outspoken, aware of the world outside her own privileged background, she is also keen on social justice and the rights of others.

She is however only eighteen and still rather shielded from the word's vices. Innocent and passionate, she hope to be courted by the handsome, smoothly charming Geoffrey Yates, although her family appear to prefer Sir Victor, a former soldier, recently returned from India and of mixed Indian-Anglo heritage.

Sir Victor makes a compelling, darkly passionate and original protagonist, one with a delightful relationship with his interesting grandfather and a strongly protective nature, as shown in his dealings with the kidnapped child Mary-Jane and Elizabeth herself. In her way, Elizabeth is his foil, ardent and truly brave, kind and sensitive.

There are some well-loved tropes in this novel - the demanding, elderly chaperone, the insidious fortune hunters, the delights and perils of the social season. There is also a different, refreshing look at wider issues - anti-Catholic prejudice, gipsies, Indian nabobs, Hindu beliefs and a mixed-race hero.

A sweet romance with an exciting climax and a beautiful ending. 

Lindsay Townsend, historical romance:
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Review of "Concerto" by Hannah Fielding

When Catriona Drouot, a young music therapist, honours an opera diva’s dying request to help her son, Umberto Monteverdi, recover his musical gift, she knows it will be a difficult assignment. She had shared a night of passion with the once-celebrated composer ten years before, with unexpected consequences.
The extent of her challenge becomes apparent when she arrives at her client’s estate on the glittering shores of Lake Como. Robbed of his sight by a nearfatal car accident, the man is arrogant, embittered and resistant to her every effort to help him. Still, Catriona sings a siren’s call within him that he cannot ignore.
Caught up in the tempestuous intrigues at Umberto’s Palladian mansion, Catriona discovers that her attraction to the blind musician is as powerful as ever. How can she share what she has hidden from him for the past decade? Soon she realises that hers is not the only secret that is rippling uneasily below the surface. Dark forces haunt the sightless composer, threatening his life – for the second time.
Concerto is a sensual and romantic story of lost love and forgiveness, destiny and difficult choices, and of a heroine determined to put things right at last.

Amazon UK
Amazon USA

My review
Five Stars

Beguiling romantic read

Catriona Droucot, tall, elegant beautiful, had trained to be an opera singer. She now devotes her energies to helping others via psychology and music therapy. The latest case she is asked to take on, that of the famous composer Umberto Monteverdi who has recently become blind, stirs up old memories and emotions.

Through flashbacks chapters the reader sees Umberto and Catriona and their developing relationship, a romance of tenderness, power and passion. Hannah Fielding perfectly explores the magic of music, of beautiful settings and a hero who will remain in my mind for a long time.

And in all this lavishness, who is seducing whom? However, too soon the demands of Umberto's demanding career cause the young couple to part, after one night of love which leaves Catriona pregnant with her son Michael. She hopes Umberto will keep in touch but, in the whirlwind of concerts and compositions, Umberto seems to have forgotten her and Catriona does not want to be a burden. In the light of this she retrains as a music therapist and tried to forget Umberto, until fate throws them together once more.

With its gorgeous settings in the Riviera and Italy, this novel is a treat for all the senses, a kind of modern beauty and beast, with secrets, villains and dangers in the palace where the beast Umberto has retreated. Meanwhile music makes a beautiful redemptive healing thread throughout the novel, thoroughly apt and marvellous.

Totally recommended.

Lindsay Townsend