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Saturday, 23 April 2011

Sharing my reviews for: The Count's Lair

Hello, Ladies, I just got a new review for "The Count's Lair" so I thought I'd share it with you. I love Anton and Amelia's story, and while The Count's Lair has gotten great reviews, I just wish the numbers were up there a little more.

The story takes place in Budapest, 1901 during Christmas time. Anton is in love with Amelia, but he has a secret. He'll give her 3 clues. When she figures them out will she still love him for the man he is?

The Count's Lair is filled with suspense, mystery, passion, and the paranormal. This story is set in the beautiful city of Budapest; the author brings her knowledge of the area to her plot. She describes the history and culture of Budapest. She is a strong but has a wounded heart. Anton was a delightful character: I could picture him as handsome, strong integrity but with a secret. Anton fears his secret will cause Amelia to run. Georg and Esme were gypsies that Anton allows to live with him. Esme was also a witch. Marcus was the ultimate bad werewolf. The description of the battle left me breathless. I was cheering for Anton. However, for me the best scene was the last one when Anton gives Amelia her choice. He held her with an open hand.

5 STARS, Nominated for Book of the Week

Want a recipe for a great story? Take an awesome writer like Ms. Burkhart, stir in her intimate knowledge of Hungary, her innate ability to create wonderful characters, a book-full of suspense, mystery and passion and you get a book you can't put down.

In The Count's Lair, Ms Burkhart delivers all of these and more. The Count, Anton Varga, knows what he wants, but will his chosen lover ever accept him as he is and for what he is

The Count's Lair is the second book in Stephanie Burkhart's Budapest Moon series. And like the first is a `must read' and a `keeper'.

Ms. Burkhart weaves a story filled with adventure, suspense and romance which takes the reader on a remarkable journey to a place where werewolves exist and true love conquers all obstacles.

I'm a huge history buff and have always been. I adore reading historical novels. I love the setting of this story. Budapest, Hungary is a beautiful city. Lots of old, gorgeous buildings and bridges. Ms. Burkhart does a great job in describing both sides of the city. On one side of the river is Buda and on the other is Pest and each has different characteristics. Ms. Burkhart also is quite good at descriptions of the foods and atmosphere of the city in 1901. I wanted to eat some goulash as I read this book and ride in a motor car complete with a driver (not at the same time).


THE COUNT'S LAIR is avail as an EBOOK ONLY for Kindle, Nook, Kobo, and Sony Ereader and is avail in PDF, HTML, and EPUB formats.

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Savanna Kougar said...

Steph, outstanding! Congrats on your fabulous reviews.

Linda Acaster said...

Stephanie, I really don't think you should worry about not having that many reviews. The ebook hasn't been out long, and I'm coming to realise that (a) readers are still shy about doing reviews and (b) it takes more time than print books, but then ebooks have a much longer life.

I found the same, but sending ebooks out for review has helped. I realise that you aren't Indie and have a publisher, so perhaps your hands are tied, but if you have a list from your publisher of review sites they've contacted, perhaps you can scour the net to give them an additional list.

I've "Liked" the book but there are no tags. Go into your page and set up tags and then we'll get round to helping, even tho we might not have the time to actually read & review.


Lindsay Townsend said...

Congratulations on your smashing reviews, Steph!

Stephanie Burkhart said...

Savannah and Lindsay, thanks for popping in. I really appreciate it.

Linda, thanks so much for support. Linda, I don't understand about the tags. Maybe you can help me there?


Linda Acaster said...

Hi Steph

I've just been on your Amazon page and your tags are listed [were they before but I never noticed??] I've ticked various boxes. If you have other books where no tags are showing double click "T" in quick succession on your page and the box should appear at the bottom, just above the Forums.

It is my belief that when readers search under tags, say for a "paranormal romance" with "werewolves" in it, books carrying those tags will be displayed, but rather like Google searches there could be pages of them. The books with the most tags rise to the top.

I have no idea how the new "Like" is supposed to work.

I hope this helps. While I was looking at this I noticed that in the forums there is one headed Werewolves. You might find a friendly would-be reader/reviewer there who would be interested in your background [er... not as a werewolf... you know what I mean!]