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Building the Future in a Romance

Greetings everyone, I’m so glad to be one of Lindsay’s Romantics.

To launch into my topic, when I first began writing fantasy/paranormal romances, most of the stories were set on OtherWorlds, or in OtherRealms. This often meant building worlds that were more advanced. However, I didn’t tackle the future on dear old Earth until a few years ago when I penned my first futuristic, a 17,000 word story set in the year, 2016. The challenge I set for myself was to move ahead ten years, based on what I’d already researched and knew about the current trends shaping our world.

Just as I adore learning about history, and understanding the dynamics which created all the various cultures throughout history, I’m also an avid fan of the future. This fascination with the future began back in first grade with the Weekly Reader ~ flying cars, ray guns and homes run by robotic systems.

Sadly, for me, the future as I dreamed it growing up has not come about. I see no flying car on my rooftop landing port. I see no Rosie the Robot in charge of all the domestic chores in my beautifully organized airy home. Yep, no ray gun on my hip ready to be whipped out in case of a space alien invasion, or a bad guy.
What’s a girl author to do? Either write the future as she would have it be. Or, write the future that is on the way as a fictional, hopefully entertaining romance.

Below is the opening excerpt of my first attempt at an Earth futuristic. I offer it for two reasons. One, I’m proud of the story, regardless of how someone else might criticize it. Two, I offer hope that your first effort at writing a futuristic romance doesn’t have to be perfect. You simply have to start, one word, one idea at a time.

Queen, and My Captive
by Savanna Kougar

May 6, 2016
12:01 AM – 11:59 PM
Midwest, North American Union

“Give it up, ladies! And a few gentlemen. For the Spice Gals! Over sixty is the new Sexy in the new millennium. Here they are!” Marilyn introduced, a drama wave of her arm.
Dressed in lust-chic for the over Sixties’ crowd – Sinnamon Spice, Scarlett Spice and Rosethorn Spice sashayed, staying balanced on top of their neon-flashing platform shoes. They took center stage at the Crone Dome, a tiny illegal nightclub. In the middle of old decaying cornfields, it was reminiscent of a twenties’ speakeasy.
Performing the hip sassy moves of their much younger days, flirting with Mae West smiles, the Spice Gals sang.

Men! What are they good for? Absolutely nothin’
Say it again!
Men! What are they good for? Absolutely nothin’
Men! Oh no, there’s got to be a better way – Yeah
What are they good for
Men have caused every test
Among all the woman generations
Seduction then destruction
Who wants to live – why
Men! What are they good for? Absolutely nothin’
Say it again!
Men! What are they good for? Absolutely nothin’
Yeah – Men – I despise
Cos’ it means destruction of innocent women’s lives
Men mean tears
To millions of women now
When they leave to lust and fight
No care for their wives
I said – Men! They’re the enemy of all womankind
No point of families
Cos’ you’re a cheatin’ man
No – not one more time – pow
No – not one more time – pow
Men have shattered
Many a young woman’s dreams
We’ve got no place for true love today
They say we must marry and have children
But, Goddess Above, there’s got be a better way
Marriage ain’t nothin’ but a heartbreaker
Friend only to the one-night hooker
Men! – Time to neuter – pow
Pow Pow
What are they good for ...

After a ragtag high kick routine, the Spice Gals struck provocative poses. Smiling into the crude harsh stage lights, they appreciated the enthusiastic whoops, the applause from the other over-sixty gal performers. A few whistling men included.
“Fun, fun.” Sinnamon euphoric smiled.
The Spice Gals strutted to their table – a creaky antique, splintering underneath. They sat as the next old gal singers were introduced.
“Moo!” Scarlett half-shouted. She saucy grinned at David, the twenties’ son of Marilyn – who insisted he ‘enjoyed’ serving at the Crone Dome.
“Three Moo Mocha Malts comin’ up!” he shouted back, his gaze blatantly running over Rosethorn.

One thing to remember, which I’m certain is obvious to everyone, but I’ll say it anyway... knowing the past is crucial to creating the future, or the old adage, history repeats itself. For example, while Star Wars, the epic movies and books created/directed by George Lucas, is considered to be the hero’s journey ala space opera, or cowboys in space, it is also based on Hitler’s rise to power, the true history. Therefore, without the use of actual historical events, a terrifically successful series of movies would never have come about.

One reason I love writing futuristic romance is because I can let my imagination race free and wild. Yes, I have to keep my free-spirited muse within the constraints of the world I am building, logic is equal to imagination when penning a futuristic in my opinion... still, the process gives me a sense of freedom that sends fun tingles down to my soul. And that’s another reason I write in the futuristic subgenre, it’s fun. It’s also darn hard work, pulling everything together in a logical manner that creates the fully realized culture, or cultures of a world, or worlds.

Currently, I have three futuristic romance novels published. Of course, they are a fusion of several paranormal genres because it all goes with the territory I write about.
Since I prefer the fun side of being an author... gee, what a surprise... I thought I’d talk about one of the funnest *yes, you can use non-words and make up words* about building the future in each one.

In RED LIONESS TAMED it’s the year 3051, and the story takes place in space. The heroine, Sun Rocket, a red lioness shifter, lives on a Mars moon, when she’s not chasing down the bad shifter cats. In our current Earth time, there’s all sorts of news about designer genes and genetic manipulation. Well, what happens when all the those hidden-from-the-public experiments came to fruition? Already human DNA is being inserted into animals, and the Top Secret rumor is, animal DNA is being inserted into humans. Yep, my Sun Rocket’s genetic heritage includes Big Cat ancestors, as well as a feline race.

WHEN A GOOD ANGEL FALLS, is my 2012 futuristic about the end of the Mayan Calendar. Tons of professorial research has been done on the mystical mysterious date of December 21, 2012, which equals the tons of educated speculation ~ which only continues and increases in fervor. But what really happens on that day? Creating that scenario was most definitely fun, intense and challenging. Maya Toga Days, complete with a replica of the Kukulcan Temple pyramid, yep I tickled myself creating that LA party.

MURDER BY HAIR SPRAY IN GARDENIA, NEW ATLANTIS takes place in 2051, on the risen land of Atlantis. Talk about a chance to create a better future on Earth. And I use every opportunity while balancing Sheriff Kaylpso and Fed Agent Zryphus’ hunt for the notorious and colorful Hair Spray Killer. However, world-building the town of Gardenia, New Atlantis until it became one of the characters... way cool for me. And I hope the readers enjoy their time spent in that *Andy Griffith of Mayberry meets the far future* small town.

May your most romantic dreams come true...


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


Savanna Kougar said...

Far future kisses... hi, everyone.

Lindsay Townsend said...

Fantastic article, Savanna! Thank you so much for sharing your insights into world building, and for showing the importance of the past when considering the future.

I'm a huge fan of your novels and have all 3 of the ones you've mentioned here.

Kaye Manro said...

Thanks for sharing your ideas on world building, Savanna. Sounds like you know exactly what you are doing! Your books look fantastic.

Savanna Kougar said...

Lindsay... big smoch to you! Thank you.

Hi Kaye, thanks. It's certainly a constant learning process.