Friday, 4 September 2009

Beast Warrior (Wolf Maiden Chronicles)

Beast Warrior is a historical paranormal romance that takes place during the Viking Era of the Dark Ages. A time when only the strong survive. It is the second book in the Wolf Maiden Chronicles, which depicts alpha lycans and their human wolf maiden mates.

Sigurd, an alpha Norse wolfskin, son of Gunnolf the Red seeks revenge against shape shifting bearskins, Bork the Mad and his son, Mord the Blood Claw for the death of his parents and his older brother Guda. Orphaned, he has been raised by his older sister Brynhild, who convinces him to take a wolf maiden in order to increase their small pack. Despite the warning by Hungerd the wolf witch, he takes a farmer’s new bride with tragic consequences. Alone he joins a long ship until the day he can avenge his pack’s demise.

Emelisse, a Frank wolf maiden, has been raised and educated in the classics, science, literature and languages by female lycans of the Lupercal. Born a runt with a weak heart her father has been overprotective. She refuses to be treated like a delicate vase and rebels by seeking out riding and falconry. Now at age eighteen Emelisse frets that her father wants her to accept Radulf III the Cruel, an alpha lycan of a pack of powerful warriors. She tries to run away with her human lover.

Viking werewolf, Sigurd rescues Emelisse, from the claws of the berserker bear men. He claims her as his ulf hexen or wolf maiden, but she wants to leave lycan society and live with humans. To complicate matters she has been called by her goddess Feronia to save the lycans from a dreaded disease. Their union is wrought with great peril in a world where werewolves must battle against their own kind as well as their fierce enemy, the berserker bear men. Will Emelisse accept Sigurd a foreign lycan as her alpha mate? Sigurd vows to protect her from their enemies but how can he save her before she dies from her ailing heart?

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Wolf Maiden Chronicles
by Eva Gordon
Werewolf Sanctuary, Book 1
Beast Warrior: Viking Werewolf, Book 2
And Coming Soon,
White Wolf of Avalon: Werewolf Knight, Book 3
Wolf Support Opportunity!
All Day September 4th, 2009

To Eva Gordon’s Wolf Maiden Chronicle Series, Eva Gordon and Vanilla Heart Publishing are pleased to announce we will donate $1 per copy sold during the entire day on September 4, 2009 to Howling Acres Wolf Sanctuary, where Charlie and Sherrie LaBat have maintained a wolf sanctuary since 1991, committed to wolves in need of a permanent, safe haven.

Every dollar donated goes to Howling Acres Wolf Sanctuary to support wolves and their care by these terrific and dedicated people, including food, veterinary care, safety equipment, and protection…YOU can make a difference!

Join Eva Gordon on Books with Heart Radio and chat about the Wolf Maiden Chronicles! A Howling Good Time Celebrating The Full Moon and the release of Beast Warrior: Viking Werewolf.

Friday - 9/4/2009 1:00 PM Pacific time - 60 Minutes.

Eva Gordon
Author of Paranormal and Fantasy Romance
ISBN: 978-1-935407-30-0 for Werewolf Sanctuary LCCN: 2009924111
ISBN 978-1-935407-31-7 for Beast Warrior, Viking Werewolf


Lindsay Townsend said...

Hi Eva! I loved 'Beast Warrior: Viking Werewolf'! Good luck with your show on Heart Radio!

Chelle Cordero said...

Sigurd is just so sexy - no other way to say it. :>

I adore Emelisse's courage and emotional strength

You have made me into a werewolf fan.

Carol North said...

Lindsay: Thanks for introducing me to Eva's Work.
Eva: That's one exciting story. Wow, the twists and turns are amazing.

Savanna Kougar said...

Werewolf Vikings, Bear beserkers, wow, looks extra exciting!

StephB said...

This sounds wicked interesting and I'm intrigued by the time period it's set in. It does sound like an exciting story! Good teaser.

Eva Gordon said...

Thank you all for your kind words. I love combining the paranormal and historical.