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A New Release by Jan Bowles - Love Lessons with the Texas Billionaire

When Lindsay first suggested I put my new book ‘Love Lessons with the Texas Billionaire’ on her blog, I immediately said yes. Who wouldn’t turn down a promo opportunity? Maybe I’ll do it in a fun way, I said. But now, the time approaches, and I have nothing in writing yet…

So I’ve asked my characters, Eva St. John, a rather sassy English journalist, and Jack McClaine, a gritty Texas oilman, if I could interview them. At such short notice I’m very pleased to say they’ve agreed.

Now as we’re all sitting comfortably, I’ll begin:

JAN: “My first question is to Eva. What first attracted you to the billionaire, Jack McClaine?”

EVA: “Oh, Jack, I told you I didn’t want to be interviewed. That’s such a loaded question, if ever I heard one. You can answer that one.”

JACK: “Now, darlin’, don’t you get upset. Jan, honey, you know as well as I do that my status or wealth did not impress Eva. Just take a look at the first time we met…


Eva sensed several pairs of eyes watch as she squeezed, breathless, into a sumptuous red velvet chair at the back of the room. She noticed one of the chairpersons, Jack McClaine, give her a dismissive glance. He obviously didn’t like interruptions. His mouth compressed as he reached out and poured water into a glass, his eyes locked on her.

“Mathew Douglas, CRB TV.” The slim, young journalist in front of Eva raised his hand and then asked his question. “What the world needs to know is how you can keep the supply of energy constant. We’ve already had Russia switch off gas supplies in Europe.”

Jack McClaine took a sip of water and answered, “As already stated, Russia turned the gas supply off themselves. A man-made occurrence cannot be anticipated.” He looked around. “Any more questions?”

Eva raised her hand, and he nodded for her to speak. “Eva St. John, New Dawn magazine. How safe is the pipeline infrastructure from terrorist attack?”

Jack McClaine spoke in his native Texan drawl. His gaze sought hers. A piercing stare focused on her face. “Well, now, Miss Eva St. John. If you hadn’t got tangled in the bed sheets this morning, you would have heard that, for obvious reasons, that topic is strictly off-limits.”

A bubble of laughter erupted in the room. A few people turned to look at her, their eyes watching as she squirmed in her seat. She felt about two inches tall. Damn the man, and damn that cheap alarm clock. Surely his remarks about bed sheets were rather impudent?

What did she expect? The man had a reputation. He did everything to excess. Her research last night had shown him to be a ruthless businessman. He had hauled himself from the gutter to achieve great things. His company served as one of the main distributors of crude oil to the U.S. and Canada. He wasn’t afraid of his past, unlike herself, so she would give him that at least. She guessed he didn’t suffer fools lightly. Well, neither did she. Looking back to the podium, she raised her chin and stared back. Her hands had clenched into tight fists. Maybe she should just drop her bombshell and wipe that egotistical smile from his face.

JAN: “I see what you mean, Jack. Eva must have been your reality check.”

JACK: “Sure was, honey.”

JAN: “Eva, perhaps you can tell me what did impress you about Jack?”

EVA: “That’s not difficult, he’s got this lovely smile, and eyes, well…

Jack McClaine had affected her more than she cared to admit. When she’d moved far enough away from him, she’d at least be able to breathe properly. Just as she emerged outside, he caught up with her.

“Not so fast, darlin’. You haven’t yet told me how you got this information.” His hand cupped her elbow, and he began to lead her back towards the hotel. “You and I need to find a quiet place to talk.”

His large hand clasped round her arm, and she turned to him, her eyes questioning. She gazed up into his rugged features, noticing the deep lines contouring down from his cheekbones. He certainly looked like the man she’d read about. He had the arrogance and, yes, a huge quantity of devilish charm, but Eva saw right through him. He was just a man, nothing more.

“Why, Mr. McClaine, are you always so polite with the ladies?” she remarked sarcastically.

His face creased into a smile as he looked at her, and it was the first time she noticed he had deep-set dimples on either side of his mouth. Her heart seemed to lurch before she drew in a breath to steady herself.

His silver gaze riveted her to the spot. “Hell no, darlin’, but perhaps if you’d allow me to offer you a coffee, you could tell me how you found out such a confidential piece of information about my company.”

“You have a reputation, Mr. McClaine.” She arched her brow. “Just where would coffee be served?”

JAN: “Ha, ha, ha, the sparks flew between you, the moment you both met. Now I know you’re busy, so I won’t keep you too long. This mutual attraction between you, how did you manage living under the same roof for one whole month?”

JACK: “Well now, darlin’, I guess you could say we got to know each other real well.”

JAN: “I’m sure you did. Thank you both for agreeing to be interviewed at such short notice. It’s been very revealing.”

EVA: “You’re welcome. Hey, Jan, don’t forget to tell them about your review, I know how much it means to you.”

Take care both of you. Aren’t they just made for each other? The review that Eva referred, is one I received from Manic Readers. Its 5 STARS. You can read the whole review HERE

Author, Jan Bowles has officially won me over as a fan. I didn’t think she could top her first novel The Return but with her latest one she has done just that. Jack had the Texas charm that you couldn’t help but fall for, even when he was smirking. Eva is a spitfire. She really tested Jack’s patience. No matter how much she pushed his buttons, he was gentle with her; exactly why I liked him. This story is a feel good book. Be warned as this story may have you laughing and crying. Love Lessons with the Texas Billionaire is a must read! You better pick up a copy of this book soon before it flies off the shelves. Cheryl, Manicreaders

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Thank you, Lindsay


Lindsay Townsend said...

Thanks for the stunning interview, Eva and Jack! Your love story is amazing.
Thanks, Jan, for sharing.
Congratulations on the release of your 'Love Lessons with the Texas Billionaire' and on such a stella review!

Jan Bowles said...

Thank you Lindsay

They're such a fun couple, I'm so glad they could spare some of their time.

As you can tell I really enjoyed writing their love story.


Kaye Manro said...

Congrats Jan! Your book sounds great. Loved the interview with your characters too.

Jan Bowles said...

Thanks for stopping by Kaye

Best wishes


Keena Kincaid said...

What a great interview--and I can't believe you got those two out of bed so early on a Sunday morning. The heat between them is obvious.

Good luck with sales!

Jan Bowles said...

Hi Keena

They were hard to prise out of it. Jack and Eva do seem to spend an inordinately long time in bed, in a state of undress. I think the combination of the hot blooded Texan, and the cool sophisticated English woman, makes them sizzle in the sack.

Glad you enjoyed it.

Best wishes


Celia Yeary said...

JAN--I'm in love with Jack, the Texas Billionaire!! Yee-haw! How clever your are with this post. the remark about getting tangled in the bedsheets made me laugh. Nice job. Celia

Jan Bowles said...

Hi Celia

That quote came from a person I used to work with. Whenever anyone turned up late for work he used say, "Did you get tangled in the bedsheets?"

It made me laugh just as much then.

Thanks for stopping by


Savanna Kougar said...

Like Keena said... how did you manage to get them out of the tangled sheets that early?
Course, being their author can be convincing... lol

Congrats on your release and what a fabulous review.

Jan Bowles said...

Thank you Savanna

It was difficult, but they relented in the end ;-)

Best wishes


Helen Hardt said...

Wow -- you had me at the title of that one!

Jan Bowles said...

Hi Helen

Thanks for stopping by.

The title says it all. LOL