Tuesday, 1 June 2010

'A Knight's Enchantment' published today!

My historical romance, A Knight's Enchantment, is released today by Kensington Zebra. This is my third knight novel, the other two being A Knight's Vow and A Knight's Captive. They take place in different time periods and different places, but all have knights as their heroes.

For me the appeal of a knight isn't his shining armour or his wealth. It isn't even the knightly code which he would be supposed to follow: too often in the middle ages, such ideas of courtesy and honour applied only to the nobility and no one else. But a knight as a protector - now that appeals.

My heroines, too, are great rescuers. In A Knight's Enchantment, Joanna is striving to free her father from captivity and throughout the novel she 'rescues' the hero Hugh, prompting him to reconsider many part of his life and his relations with his family.

Their early encounters are fraught, as neither is sure they can trust the other and Hugh especially makes wrong-headed assumptions about Joanna. He has his own powerful reasons for seizing her, but his self-justifications are flawed. Later he realises and admits this and they join forces.

You can find more details, the 4-star Romantic Times review and an excerpt here.


Savanna Kougar said...

Oh, Lindsay, I'm SO excited. Congrats on the release of your THIRD Knight book.

May your sales soar as the hawk soars on a sunny June day.

Going to read the excerpt!

Linda Banche said...

Congratulations, Lindsay. You have what it takes--3 Knight romances out and a fourth on the way. Hope you have tons of sales!

Kaye Manro said...

Yay Lindsay!! Much congrats to you today! I'm so happy for you. I love your Knight series. I can't wait to read A Knight's Enchantment. You are so good at medieval. Going to go and look for my copy today. I wish you many sales, Lindsay. And also I wait patiently for the next Knight in the series!

(You've got to come blog with me--I'll email you.)

Bekki Lynn said...

Awesome! I can't wait to get my copy. Payday's next week.

Sarah Simas said...

Congrats, Lindsay!! Happy, happy Release Day! Best wishes for tons of success and sales! :)

Linda Acaster said...

Away to go, Lindsay! Wishing it every success.


Lindsay Townsend said...

Thanks, Savanna, Linda, Kaye, Bekki, Sarah, Linda!

Thanks for the good wishes!!

It's been a strange day as I've not yet had my author copies so it doesn't feel quite 'real' but everyone's kind support and good wishes has made it really special.

LK Hunsaker said...

Congrats Lindsay! I need to read the 2nd one here waiting for me before I can get to this one. :-)

Lindsay Townsend said...

Thanks, LK! I hope you enjoy my A KNIGHT'S CAPTIVE.