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Linda Weaver Clarke: 'Melinda and the Wild West'

A Family Saga in Bear Lake, Idaho is an instant classic!

We enter the “Make Believe World” when we open a book and begin to read. In that little corner is a world that can fill us with wonder, where dreams can come true, where we can go on an adventure, learn about history, or fall in love all over again.

A historical/romance novel is on the market for ages 14 through adult. Melinda and the Wild West was a Semi-finalist for the Reader Views “Reviewers Choice Award.” Debra Gaynor from Reader Views wrote: “From the first page I was captivated by this book. I had to continue reading, rushing to turn the page, I had to see what next adventure would catch up with Melinda. The plot is interesting: mixing history with fiction, adventure with romance. Ms Clarke, this is a piece to be proud of, well done!”

In 1896 Melinda Gamble—a very elegant, naïve young woman from Boston—decides to give up her life of monotonous comfort for the turbulent uncertainty of the still untamed Wild West. Driven by her intense desire to make a difference in the world, Melinda takes a job as a schoolteacher in the small town of Paris, Idaho, where she comes face-to-face with Butch Cassidy, a vicious grizzly bear, and a terrible blizzard that leaves her clinging to her life. But it’s a rugged rancher who challenges Melinda with the one thing for which she was least prepared—love.

Page One Literary Book Review wrote: “Linda Weaver Clarke displays an easy and excellent style of writing, blending adventure/romance/history/humor and courage. Melinda and the Wild West is an instant classic and should put this author on the literary map all over the world.”

When a rugged rancher and a determined schoolteacher meet, they tend to butt heads and clash with each encounter, but at the same time there seems to be an underlying interest in one another. In this story, Melinda is trying to help a rebellious student through acceptance and love, and at the same time, she is trying to understand her own heart.

Melinda and the Wild West is a tender love story. Clarke’s characters are well developed and her setting is compelling. But what separates this book from others is Clarke’s historical accuracy and meticulous attention to detail.” -- Betsy Brannon Green, Best-Selling Mystery Author

Melynda Gascoyne, The Amherst Bee Newspaper: Buffalo, New York, wrote: “For anyone who likes to read classic-styled romance novels that also have a drop of history, this is the book for you. From one of her students coming to class with skunk oil that explodes, to her encounter with a black bear, there’s always something for the imagination in the book. It is very easy to picture the scene you are reading. Clarke was able to write about love in a soft fashion, not full of the same type of sexual writing of most romance novels. I was impressed with the eloquence in which Clarke spun her story. It was dramatic in some spots and yet contained simply placed bits of humor. I would recommend this to anyone.”

“I absolutely loved this book,” wrote Allison King, Allison’s Attic Book Reviews. “Now, I may be biased that I adore late 1800’s and anything to do with Wild West areas, but this story just amazed me. Creating a story based upon an independent, educated and strong woman character, brings to light the type of women that helped make this country what it is today. Melinda learns to keep her guard up when she needs to, but letting it down can bring happiness into your life. The themes of family, love, communication and friendship can be found throughout the book. If you want to read a book that makes you smile at the end, this would be one of those books.”

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Linda Weaver Clarke


Lindsay Townsend said...

Congratulations on your release, Linda! What wonderful reviews, too! It sounds a superb read!

Savanna Kougar said...

Linda, what fabulous reviews. Congratulations!

Celia Yeary said...

Thank you, Linda, for telling us about this wonderful, award-winning novel. I write romance, but right now I'm editing the galley for Wish for the Moon about a 16-year-old girl--yes, a sweet, tender romance, a "coming-of-age" novel. I don't know how to promote it, though.
Yours sound so good, and I congratulate you.Best wishes--Celia

LK Hunsaker said...

Hi Linda, what nice reviews. :-) It's good to see you here at the pink blog!

Linda Weaver Clarke said...

Thanks, Lindsay, Savanna, Celia, and LK. This was my first book in a series of 5. It was so much fun to write because I based it on true experiences that really happened. I also love writing love stories.

Chelle Cordero said...

wonderful reviews & kudos to such attention to detail.