Wednesday, 16 February 2011

We are Poetry Rising

Pic from the film, LADYHAWKE, pure poetry that takes place on the silver screen.

We are Poetry Rising
by Savanna Kougar

Poetry. It’s here, probably to stay.

Okay, silly to say in a way, since poetry has been around for Age upon Age. I contend this form of creative expression is ‘simply and complexly’ a matter of the soul, and of the spirit.

Of being the unique divine creations we are as human beings... our emotions, our experiences, our realizations... to put it in another way... poetry is ‘us’ and we are poetry.

Think of the phrase ‘poetry in motion’. In a deeply profound way, we are all poetry in motion and we ‘motion’ poetry by penning it. By bringing those words to life on the page, on the computer screen.

In this wayward ‘coming apart’ day and age, we need poetry as never before. It is part of the Soul Rising that is taking place inside all of us, the Soul Rising that is tsunami-sweeping across our globe in this time of Awakening. This time of knowing the depths of our true natures.

Poetry is our friend, our companion during this journey. We are Poetry Rising.

Note: Originally blogged about on Kougar Kisses blog ~ July 29, 2010

Okay, then, here’s a poem style called Diamante. Most likely you know about it. However, I belatedly discovered it doing an internet search for something else. If not, “Diamante is a seven-lined contrast poem set up in a diamond shape”.

This is my first Diamante poem.

passionate, wild
dancing, empowering, flying
source, elation, rage, trepidation
pillaging, destroying, raping
sorrows, desperate


This X-poem is about my goddess heroine in a novella [not pubbed] that I wrote about eleven years ago, titled ~ Goddess from the Dark Side of the Moon ~ the hero betrayed the heroine by pretending to be another man. Not knowing he was the god she refused as her lover, she fell in love with him as the man he pretended to be while on an Earth mission.

Silvery translucence
she slid down his cheek
as one drop of rain.
To torment him further
she rained herself
upon his dark golden hair.
To torture his need for her
she sluiced her goddess essence
over his Apollo-handsome physique
caressing every bold muscle,
every masculine plane of him
until he raised his face
to Earth’s gray pearl sky
and silently shouted her name.
She bathed him in her
beauteous Venus nature
until he clenched his eyelids
and begged for her.
She showered him with her desires
until he groaned like Mt. Vesuvius.
Until he screamed through the cosmos
pleading for her favor.
His human body strained,
a statue of blazing marble for her.
Only her.
Taking her woman’s revenge
she whirled as sheets of rain around
his naked body, shuddering him.
She saturated him with her
erotic dreams of him.
Only him.
Slowly, she slid her watery being,
her silvered transparency
down his taut agonized groin
and spun up his pillar-standing phallus.
Wickedly, she drove him to the brink
of ecstasy, then flowed from him,
denying him, leaving him to feel
the lava blazes of Hades,
as if the Lord of the Underworld
consumed his flesh to punish his
lover’s misdeeds, his betrayal of her.
Satisfied, still she cried her own tears
as splashing drops of rain
upon the thirsty Earth.
Transforming to ethereal goddess
above him, she whispered his name.
He opened his dark-as-midnight eyes
and she vanished from him
like wisps of fairy mist
before the gold-soft brilliance
of the morning’s risen sun.


And, finally, my attempt at a sonnet.

Her eyes like morning’s sunstruck violets
Tease me without ever knowing of my gaze.
Her face, fiery, yet soft in innocense
Studies me upon occasion, as days
Drift between us, endless in our winter
Captivity. Oh, yes, my heart does love.
My soul yearns, ever the fool for her. Splinter
Like frozen glass, my words, as my fire dove
Flies to the side of her betrothed. Dance
They do on sweet swirls of music. Embraced
Lightly, for propriety rules, their legs prance
Beautifully. Yet his lineage I traced
And found a darkness, a danger. Dare I tell
Her? Risk her disbelief? Her sobbing hell?


May your most poetic dreams come true...


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


Savanna Kougar said...

Hi, to myself.

Lindsay Townsend said...

Powerful and exquisite poetry, Savanna! I love your use of words and language - 'sunstruck violets'
'sweet swirls of music'. I grieve for your unrequited lovers. (Do they finally come together?)I think the end of the poem is glorious - I could see and feel it.

A wonderful celebration. We are poetry rising indeed! Thank you for sharing.

Savanna Kougar said...

Oh, Lindsay, we are Poetry Rising.

Yes, I'm a softie, and their story is a romance, so they do reunite, eventually.