Sunday, 24 July 2011

Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered

Ever wish you were a real live witch?

I did. How I longed to twitch my nose like Samantha Stephens in the TV show, Bewitched, 1964–1972, and create real magic. Starring Elizabeth Montgomery, the series was a breakout view of witches, at the time.

No longer a hag, all in black, with a huge wart on her nose... no longer a bad witch with an eerie cackling laugh, who wanted to snatch children for her boiling cauldron... Samantha was beautiful and compassionate. She didn’t require complicated spells, either, to accomplish much of her magic. It was natural, a way of life she’d been born into.

Yet, Samantha was always struggling to fit in as a mere mortal. In the back of my mind I always wondered why. Why bother?

Sure, she loved her husband, Darrin, and was devoted to making him happy. And, back then, women were supposed to please their husbands in order to keep them. Much of the show revolved around that premise.

At the time, I wondered what was so special about Darrin? I still do. To the truth of the matter, I don’t believe he deserved Samantha. I don’t believe he cherished who she was, as her own person, and as a woman.

Darrin loved Samantha, but wanted her to fit inside some prescribed wifely mold. He wanted what was considered to be ‘normal’ and mortal. He didn’t want the true and messy adventure of living life to its fullest with a real live witch.

As his wife, Samantha could have given him the ride of his life, sans the broomstick or with the broomstick, if Darren hadn’t been such a wussy boy.

And, that’s one reason I gave my heroine, Kandace, in KANDY APPLE AND HER HELLHOUNDS, mates who are worthy of her. Yes, sometimes Zin and Zol are bewitched, bothered and bewildered by the effervescent-sparkly yet powerful witch they claim as their own. And, they always come through for HER.

They rescue her emotionally when she needs it. They rescue her when she is saving her sister from thirteen sorceresses, who are the sworn enemies of her homeworld.

Of course, Kandace returns the favor. After all, they are her devoted hellhounds. Their gentlemanly, Cary Grant ways, their kindness and consideration, are something she’s never known from any man before.

Yes, this is an erotic romance novel. Zol and Zin are not shy about releasing their alpha natures, and proving their carnal passions to their one witch.

Blurb ~

Kandace doesn’t know why she’s a real witch. Despite her powers, she can’t find her bio parents. When the Tuxedo Twins tempt her with knowledge about her heritage at a charity event, Kandace agrees to dance with the mysterious Supernaturals. Unexpectedly, they are threatened by the omnipresent evil she’s been warned about in her dreams. To keep from being enslaved, Kandace brings forth her greater magick. But, to save her homeworld, she needs her hellhounds.

Zolivar and Zindale, two of Hades’ most mission-accomplished Hellhounds, see a witch sliding down the bannister after her heist of a painting. Spellbound, they know they’ve found just the right Kandy Apple to lick for Halloween. With every passion, Zin and Zol woo their chosen witch. Yet, will their Triad mate stay once she learns they can’t fall in love like humans? Or, will she return to her homeworld? Their very lives are at stake.

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Have a Magickal Day!


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


Lindsay Townsend said...

Congratulations on your release, Savanna! I've already got my copy of Kandy Apple & Her Hellhounds.

I wish you much success with it.

I agree about Darren - he always seemed a bit fussy.

Savanna Kougar said...

Oh, thank you, Lindsay! I hope you enjoy it.

Linda Banche said...

Congrats on your latest release, Savanna. Best of luck with it.

I agree with you about BEWITCHED. I never liked the show precisely because Samantha let Darren run her life. I much preferred I DREAM OF JEANNIE. Jeannie always said "Yes, master", and then she did exactly as she pleased. Good for her. And her "master" loved it.

Savanna Kougar said...

Linda, thanks! So true about Jeannie. I adored that show, and would love to write my own version. Jeannie's "master" did love it. Though, I did get frustrated because he wouldn't acknowledge how much he loved her.