Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Reviewfest: Linda Banche and Her Historical Hilarity

Welcome to My World of Historical Hilarity!

I'm Linda Banche, and I write witty, sweet/sensual Regency romances with nary a rake or royal in sight. Most contain humor, some fantasy, and occasionally a little paranormal. But comedy is my love, and I've created my own wacky blend of humor and Regency with stories that can elicit reactions from a gentle smile to a belly laugh.

Like many other romance authors, I read romances for years before I wrote my own. Once I tried, I quickly discovered how difficult writing is. Did I stop? No, I'm persistent--that's French for "too stupid to quit".

I live in New England and like aerobics and ducks.

So, laugh along with me on a voyage back to the Regency era. Me and my ducks. Quack.

I have four Regency novellas, all from The Wild Rose Press.

Lady of the Stars, my time travel, was a finalist in Science Fiction Romance in the 2010 EPIC eBook Contest.

My 4 star review from Romantic Times Book Reviews: "This is a quick read and a delightful short romance. The time-travel aspect is well done, and the characters are nicely fleshed out. The ending brings everything to a comfortable and relatively believable conclusion." Read the full review here. (contains spoilers)


All Lady of the Stars reviews are here.

Lady of the Stars buy Link here.

Pumpkinnapper was a finalist in the 2011 EPIC Contest in the Historical Romance category. I'm two for two now. I've entered the EPIC contest twice, and I've finaled twice.

Long And Short Romance (LASR) Reviews: 4 1/2 books
"It's a Regency era All Hallows Eve tale full of hilarity, a dashing hero and a darling heroine, a nuisance of a goose and possibly a spirit or two. What's not to like?"

All Pumpkinnapper reviews are here.

Pumpkinnapper Buy link here.

Mistletoe Everywhere is my Christmas story.

From Marissa D at Sizzling Hot Books - 5 hearts out of 5
"Mistletoe Everywhere is fast paced and keeps us involved with the characters. I was happy to see these happy-for-everyone endings and the warm fuzzy I was left with."

All Mistletoe Everywhere reviews are here.

Mistletoe Everywhere Buy Link here.

And my latest, Gifts Gone Astray, is a summer comedy of errors.

5 Hearts out of 5 from TJ at The Romance Studio
"A truly wondrous tale of gift-giving, misunderstandings, and unexpected love. There were blushing beauties, scholarly studs, nefarious schemers, mischievous children, and kindly uncles all wrapped in Ms. Banche's prim and proper Regency prose, that once opened revealed a sweetly racy story that was perfect. The writing was vivid and captured the time exactly."

And since Lindsay Townsend was so nice as to quote my review for one of her books, here's hers for mine. Nice to know your friends like your books. *g*

5 stars from Lindsay Townsend (To Touch the Knight)
"Gifts Gone Astray by Linda Banche is a delightful romantic comedy of misunderstandings, ghastly relations (old and young) a sinister suitor and two very different books sent as gifts to the 'wrong' people." Full review here.

All Gifts Gone Astray reviews are here.

Gifts Gone Astray Buy Link here.

Thank you all,
Linda Banche
Welcome to My World of Historical Hilarity!


Lindsay Townsend said...

Congratulations on your super reviews, Linda! And in being a finalist twice in the EPIC awards!

I really enjoy your writing and the zany yet realistic 'twist' to give to the Regency. I alays ID with your heroines and, like them, fall for your heroes.

Linda Banche said...

Thanks, Lindsay. Nice to know you like my heroes and heroines.

Maggie Toussaint said...

Hi Linda,
What great reviews! I love that your write romantic comedy. Your title Pumpkinapper is one of the most original and eyecatching that TWRP ever published, in my opnion. I hope we have many more years of Linda stories.

Linda Banche said...

Thanks for your kind words, Maggie. I like PUMPKINNAPPER, too. I like geese. *g*

StephB said...

Great reviews, Linda and thumbs up for finaling in the EPIC contest 2 years in a row. That's quite an accomplishment!


Linda Banche said...

Thanks, Steph. I appreciate it.