Sunday, 6 November 2011

Fireworks - a poem by Margaret Maguire

Photo sourced from Wikimedia Commons
Flares and silver fountains
Illuminating exotic palms
Rockets and flaming stars
Exploding Chrysanthemums' tips
White crackling Crossetts
Orange glowing sky lanterns
Red Poinsettias and Diadems
Kaleidoscopic rain storms
Shimmering Catherine Wheels

Written by Margaret Maguire

One or two firework facts:

First documentation of fireworks was in China in the 7th century and were used in spring and mid autumn festivals.

The word for firework in Japanese is hanabi which means 'fireflower'.

The largest firework display was in Madera, Portugal, and consisted of 66,326 fireworks.


Lindsay Townsend said...

Thanks, Margaret, for guesting on the Lindsay's Ronantics blog.

I really like your clever acrostic poem and the way you use real firework names.

Love the Japanese fireflower!

Savanna Kougar said...

Wonderful fireworks poem, Margaret.

That is fascinating about the name fireflower.