Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Aydon exists!

Aydon Hall, sometimes called Aydon Castle, is only six miles away from my home, and I often walk there, through the woods from Corbridge and up the steep path to emerge panting and rather warm at the postern gate.
the main hall at Aydon

Late spring is particularly nice as everything is green and the bluebells and white garlic flowers abound. It was originally built as a farmhouse, but Scots raiders created so much havoc in the thirteenth century that the owner applied for permission to crenellate. He needed something to hide behind while he shot arrows from the battlements at the men stealing his cattle and trying to burn him out of house and home!

The Carnaby family lived there in the sixteenth century and though I've invented a character or two, that's the only liberty I've taken with the history of the place. There were sons and daughters of the family called Lance and Alina, but they were not exactly as I've portrayed them in my story. Matho Spirston, for example, is mentioned in the rolls and deeds of the time, though all that exists is his name. I've given him a character and a life within the story as the man who saves Harry's life and then goes on to have adventures of his own.

If you want to know more about the Carnaby family and Aydon Hall, then cick on the link and enjoy the reviews you'll find there.

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Lindsay Townsend said...

Fascinating insight into a real-life pleace, Jen! We are so lucky, living in Britain with such castles!

Love the way you weave history into your stirring romance, FAIR BORDER BRIDE.