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Crystal Lake Reunion-A Texas Contemporary

The beautiful cover for Crystal Lake Reunion is one of five finalists for EPIC's ARIANA awards coming up. The story has also received wonderful reviews!  I invite you to visit the small Texas town of Crystal Lake: Premise:
Twenty-five-year-old Houston realtor, Dana Dawson, has no reason to believe her life is not as it seems. When Ruth Dawson, her mother, travels thirty miles to Crystal Lake for her twenty-fifth high school reunion, she becomes ill. Dr. Grant Adams summons Dana to the small town she has never seen. There Dana begins to unravel a secret about her past she did not know existed.

Dana keeps her suspicions to herself and remains in Crystal Lake when her mother goes home. During the next week, she becomes acquainted with the charming young doctor and elicits his help to discover her true birthplace. There she finds a shocking truth that not only changes her life, but also almost destroys her mother and another entire family. ******
A knock on her door awakened her, but Brian slept on. From the love seat where she had spent the remainder of the night, she looked at the clock. “Good grief, an all-nighter.”

The knock became more insistent, and she was glad the door was in a tiny recessed foyer. Someone there could only see the foot of the bed around the corner. Without turning on a light, she peeked through the security hole, and what she saw confirmed her suspicions. Grant. He, too, probably tried to call on the mute cell phone in her bag. Here he was, about to step into a volatile situation. She would need to somehow send him away—and fast.

Finally, she opened the door a crack and talked to him through the small opening. “Grant. Hi. What’re you doing here so early?”

“Early?” He chuckled low in his throat. “I just woke up, too. I worked until four; then slept six hours. I wanted to see you, but your cell must be on mute.”

“It is? Well, gosh, I didn’t know. Uh, can you come back another time, Grant?”

He paused and stared at her in silence.

Never had she acted this way toward Grant, no matter how she looked or felt. She saw suspicion written all over his face as he studied her. She could only wait until he said something.

“Am I interrupting something, Dana?” he asked softly.

Nervously, she looked over her shoulder toward the foot of the bed he could barely see. That’s when his eyes locked on the beat-up, leather duffel bag on the floor. Dana swallowed hard as she slowly looked back at Grant.

“Is someone in your bed, Dana?” he asked calmly.

“Grant,” she whispered. “Could we talk later? I’ll explain everything.”

“Is Brian in your bed, Dana?” he asked again, this time coldly.

His laughing eyes had dimmed, and the deep dimple in one cheek did not appear, and his smiling mouth turned grim. She had never seen him this way, and the bottom seemed to drop from her stomach. Disaster loomed, a heart-breaking scenario that scared her to death. “Please let me explain later, please,” she heard herself plead.

“Dana, I think we can clear this up right now. Seems to me you’ve made your choice. Well, this is the way it is. I love you, Dana,” he said softly. “I fell in love with you early on, and I fell hard. I was giving you time to sort out your life, but now…this. You’ve dropped a bombshell on my head.” His voice dropped to a whisper, but the sound was like a drum banging in her head. “I will not take second place, I will not take leftovers, and I will not stand in line.” 

Tears burned her eyes, and she blinked hard, hoping they would not fall. There it was—love. She loved Grant with all her heart. She felt frantic to make this right again. “No, no, please don’t do this, Grant.”

“Dana?” Brian called in a scratchy voice, roughened from sleep. “Who’s there? Hurry up, will you?”

Grant and Dana stood still as statues and gazed at each other through the crack in the door. Gently he said to her, “Well, I’ll see you around, Dana. You take care, now.”

He turned and walked away.
From Geri R. for Reader's Favorite:
Ms. Yeary has created a vivid masterpiece that leaves you breathless and wondering what will happen at every twist and turn. The characters are carefully crafted and believable, the setting is fantastic and the flow was remarkable. I felt myself secretly rooting for certain characters, like Dana, Grant and Ruth, while secretly despising other characters like Valerie. This book reads as though you are watching everything unfold before you. I enjoyed being able to see everything from different points of view and not just through one narrator; it adds depth to the story. This is a beautifully written story that does not leave the reader hanging, a wonderful story of deception, hope and love. I enjoyed every moment of this book and would highly recommend it to all!


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Celia Yeary-Romance...and a little bit 'o Texas


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