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My Blue Water Dragon

Wednesday greetings, everyone. When I learned it was the Chinese Year of the Dragon, and not just any dragon, but what some are calling the Blue Water Dragon, I entered a slight state of shock. Why, you might ask. There is a secondary character, Dragon Leader, Xanuvvi, who is a blue water dragon in my 2012 erotic romance fantasy, WHEN A GOOD ANGEL FALLS, published on August 13, 2008.

Excerpt from ~ WHEN A GOOD ANGEL FALLS ~

Starring the 'secondary' character:

Xanuvvi, Blue Water Dragon Leader

Neat trick, cherub. This isn’t being seen on world wide UN TV. But her cherub didn’t answer. Enclosing them, he flashed to jet speed. The mountains sped toward them like a fast-forward movie scene. Sedona shut her eyes, held onto her cherub even though she didn’t need to.

She opened her eyes as she felt them slow, and hover. Below them, a teal lake shimmered, cradled in a mountain valley. The lake was probably manmade. Sedona could see what looked like a simple dam.

Lake Alamo. Used as a contact area for the rebels and their alien allies. Volcano gently spiraled downward, as if they rode a thermal.

Yeah, Richard C talked about it one night with George. Knows some of the Contactees. Said most of the state park employees went rogue, took it over to keep the UN and the elite out.

They still have control. We’ve been granted a short meeting with Dragon Leader, Xanuvvi.

The blue water dragon.

He’s taking a lake dip. Has a fondness for the water on Earth.

Unpolluted I hope.

By agreement the rebels and the alien allies have a cleansing operation. One layer at a time.

Works for me. Awe-struck, Sedona watched as they descended. The Sonoran desert is so gorgeous. Used to love driving through. Wow! Beneath her a huge serpentine shine of blue scales coiled above the shimmer water.

“Fantastic,” she murmured. “I feel like I’m suddenly in a storybook fantasy.”

Volcano glided to a rise of ground, clear of desert scrub brush and the dry stems of abundant wildflowers. Wintering ducks had taken refuge in a stand of cattails. Herons took elegant flight. Even the fine ash couldn’t dispel the idyllic quality of the scene before her.

Entranced Sedona dismounted, and noticed she didn’t feel cold, even though the temps were probably mid fifties. “Like thermal underwear?” she asked when the cherub dismounted beside her.

“Magically designed for body maintenance. Want me to hold your hand?” he smooth-talked her, took her helmet.

“Keep me from being scared of the big ole’ dragon?” she sassed, but gave him her hand.

Dreaming of seeing a dragon was different than meeting one up close and personal. Even if he rose magnificently, benignly from the lake near them – blue glimmers of twisting sorcery, he had membranous sapphire wings. His head reminded her of Chinese dragon depictions. He towered above them as he writhed majestically, then waded onto the shore. His eyes surprised her, looking human and reptilian. Their mesmerizing glow greeted her.

“Zerr Dann of the Cherubim,” he bellowed, his voice reverberating around them.

“Dragon leader, Xanuvvi, your vitality is rewarding. May I present Sedona Khali, my angel incarnate charge.”

“Would you like to pet me?” Xanuvvi eagerly boomed. He smiled, carefully lowered his head, all the while blinking slowly.

“I would love to pet you,” Sedona crooned softly. Her stomach quivering, she stepped forward. Her fascination took over, and the pure thrill coursed through her. Besides he was cute in a bold enormous dragon way.

She caressed down the front of his face. He closed his eyes, seemed to purr, and looked blissful. She kept caressing his face. He felt miraculous, like resplendent slick silk. Feeling bolder, she caressed more of his face, then his cheeks, using both her hands. His ears gently flipped back in enjoyment. And she was in utopia.

“He’s an angelaholic,” Volcano whispered. “Just eats up the attention of women angels.”

Sedona knew he good-natured teased the dragon. “You don’t eat princesses, do you?” she cooed, stroked one huge ear.

“No!” Volcano laughed. “He doesn’t eat them. He just tells them he will if they don’t pet him.”

Xanuvvi opened one brilliant rapturous eye. “Take mythological advantage where you can,” he low rumbled. He snorted an ephemeral mist, carefully stepped back. “Much superior to a princess,” he praised, straightened to his height. “You sing like exquisite fire, angel Sedona Khali.”

“Violets,” Sedona murmured happily, breathing in his mist. “Thank you.”

“Your color, angel Sedona,” Xanuvvi flourished. He bowed his head briefly.

“Before he takes you for a ride.” Volcano pulled her back beside him. “Carries you off to his secret cave ship.”

“Zerr Dann, I am willing to make an appearance. If you and angel Sedona will greet me, show those around us that I and my people mean no harm. However, we have recently discovered the Mayan LA festivities have been infiltrated with those who would use subterfuge, use sound to cause our violence, as one tactic against us.”

“Let us stay in contact. I will commune with the Cherubim watching over LA.”

“Of course. I would prefer to make a grand spectacle entrance. Prove our existence to those who are ready.”

“You should be on with George, the NightHawk zone. Radio,” Sedona offered when he cocked his head.

“Yes.” The Dragon Leader savored, legs across his chest, his great claws shining, deadly curved. “That would be a splendid radio first. Indeed.”

“Indeed,” Volcano joyous teased, and agreed. “Your voice is perfect for radio.”

“You must visit our caldera base soon, Zerr Dann, angel Sedona.”

More swiftly than she could blink, the amazing blue dragon phased into flight over the lake and became a dot against the sky, as if he had only lived in her imagination.

“Zerr Dann?” she asked, still staring at the sky.

“Cherubim name. I didn’t want it found in your mind.”

“Yes, I remember. Why Volcano?” Sedona faced him.

“Translates to volcano. Thought it fit the guy-on-a-cycle image.” He grinned rakishly, put her helmet back on.

“Let me guess. We have to get out of here. Caldera base?”

“Yellowstone. The caldera. His dragon people are singing, soothing it.”

“Do you mean we, humans, animals, plants have a shot at not being wiped off the continent?”

Also, if you would like to read Volcano's Angelic Forecast for the Year of the Dragon, here's the link ~ ~


As well, I recently wrote an 'R-Rated ~ but, no sex' flash scene for our group blog, SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTIONS. We have a whole cast of characters, beginning with the werewolf pack, who took over the small town of Talbot's Peak, Montana.

If you would like to meet Xanuvvi, Blue Water Dragon Leader, 'prior' to his appearance in When a Good Angel Falls, keep on reading.

Xanuvvi, Blue Water Dragon

"Why must you leave our realm?"

Queen Crysuthess spoke in her feminine pouty voice. However, Xanuvvi heard her true concern over his leaving, and her wish they remain lovers.

"You know of my alliance with Earth's angelic guardians, my sweetling." Xanuvvi used the power of his voice to stroke her. "The one called Zerr Dann has contacted recently. His mission is crucial to saving us from the dark siders as well as bringing about the salvation of humanity and Earth."

"It is true those of evil intent have already damaged the dimensional wall between our worlds with their use of death-wave weaponry. The fools," she contemptuously added with a dismissive lift of her shoulder. "And yet, how will you fare? There a few dragonkind remaining."

Xanuvvi caressed a strand of her hair, then twined it around his finger-claw, well knowing his touch would soothe the Queen. "Thessi," he addressed her with his pet name for her, "the gathering has begun. There are already ten Rainbow Dragonicas residing at the great caldera -- singing to alleviate Mother Gai's pain, and balance her forthcoming land changes. They are welcoming my presence."

Her sigh could have caused a path through the sea, it burst out with such keening force. "I know it is a matter of positive fate, Nuvvi. Yet... I depend upon your constant strength and wisdom."

Even though, they were alone, she left unsaid what they'd both come to crave, the impassioned strength of their lust-rolling together. He knew why. Their feelings for each other could never be fulfilled.

She would mature and desire only one of her kind for a mate. While he, having glimpsed his far future, being the magickal beast he was, knew another was destined to be his loving mate.

"If you wish for the force we call Good to ascend, and bring the harmonics of benevolence to our realm, then I must leave, my Thessi. I must use my powers to assist humankind, to assist Zerr Dann in his divine mission."

She didn't speak, and he felt her deep contemplations. Her small hand stroked the clawed hand he'd placed on her lovely little shoulder. "One more night... my Nuvvi. Is that too great a wish?"

His answer was to stroke the back of his claw along the sensitive skin of her neck, as she carnal-adored.


Spiraling furiously while also whirling the leviathan-sized length of his body, Xanuvvi pierced the dimensional fabric. Since he could not afford to enter the realm of Earth at the thinnest point, the Great Pyramid as it was known in Egypt -- oh, sweet memories of Queen Cleopatra and the grace of her hands upon his scales -- because of what he called the robot-zombie guards of the Illuminatti.

Instead, Xanuvvi penetrated as close to his dragon allies as possible. Forced to hold his breath because of the slime-heavy, sulfurous water of the Yellowstone caldera, he pumped his tail like a rising Loch Ness monster.

Once he finally speared through the boiling nastiness that passed for a form of water, he continued his momentum. Xanuvvi prepared to summon his magick. It had taken the remainder of his physical strength to remain airborne in the dusk, overcast sky.

Even so, he refused to gasp in draughts of the wintry air for two reasons. One, a dragon leader had his pride. Two, despite the utterly ridiculous connection between sulfur and dragons on Earth, he despised the taste of the odiferous mineral, and the thick muck still clung to his muzzle.

Unfurling his wings, Xanuvvi spread them wide to dry the webbing rapidly. A snort of fire from his nostrils would do the job, but that would foil his plan to stay as inconspicuous as possible.

To keep himself aloft, he cast forth a matrix bubble to float within. Getting his bearings, even if he was spotted, was crucial. He wanted to wing with all due haste to the Rainbow's stronghold once he discovered the location.

What, hey! Xanuvvi closed his eyes inhaling wave after delicious wave of the most seductive female scents. Trapped in the heavy moist air, the potent, in-heat perfume responsible for stiffening his breeding staff was being carried on the rising night wind.

But not merely female, no, these mating fragrances belonged to shapeshifter women, most of them wolven. If his nostrils were to be trusted, a whole thriving colony of shapeshifters lived nearby. If his magickal senses were to be believed, there were also many breeds of supernaturals living among them.

Stunned to his fiery watery core, Xanuvvi snapped his eyes open, and stared in that direction. The Rainbows did not expect his immediate presence, and he could mentally commune with their priest -- offer an explanation.

The lure impossible to resist, he aimed his conjured bubble and soon rode a wind-stream toward the colony. Both good and evil, the hero and villain, the drama of the colony played out in the energies he witnessed before his mind's eye.

To his great joy, Xanuvvi also heard the rippling music of a pristine lake, rare on Earth. He could cleanse himself, make a decent appearance, introduce himself to one of his stature. With that end in mind, he sent forth a seeking fire, a frequency that would find the leader, one of the highest nature.


Seized with the yen to view the night sky, to howl and speak his secrets to the moon, Dante bounded up the spiral staircase that led from the top floor of his new supperclub, the Midnight Stardust, to the small hidden gazebo atop his subterranean club. He'd recently created the romantic setting for him and his beloved Kitty.

She had adored it, and they'd spent precious time together smooching in each other arms, and gazing at the starry midnight sky through the lacing of branches above them. Now, he needed alone moments -- time to let his fur down, or out.

The supperclub had steadily gained in patrons, and the dance lessons were especially popular. Satisfied that all was going smoothly with his customers and crew, Dante stepped outside, and drew in a lungfuls of the cold crisp air.

The next instant, he spun around, his neck hair bristling, sprouting. Dante growled, the warning from the pit of his belly.

The huge dragon standing about thirty feet away smiled benignly, and didn't move. "Shall we introduce ourselves? I am Dragon Leader, Xanuvvi, of the Blue Water species."

His voice boomed yet somehow the timbre matched the sound of the wind.

With his instincts giving quarter, and sensing no immediate danger, Dante eased his stance. "Dante, werewolf. Is there something I can do for you?"

"Perhaps, shapeshifting lessons are in order. Gaining a human form would be of benefit to my mission on Earth. Perhaps also, you can explain why there is such an abundance of delightful feminine fragrances here."

Dante grinned, his confidence returning. "Tell you what, Dragon Leader, if you can reduce your size I'll give you the grand tour."

"Splendid. That I can achieve. Xanuvvi will do as a form of address. May I call you Dante?"

"Yeah, sure thing." Dante watched as Xanuvvi slowly morphed to a far less imposing height. "Hey, how about this Year of the Dragon," he bantered. "Want to fill me in on all the details?"

~ Have a Magickal and Miraculous New Year of the Dragon ~


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~ Have a Magickal and Miraculous New Year of the Dragon ~

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