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War Comes to Gaia in 2 days - A Green Rose Preview

War comes to Gaia in 2 more days. Dare to join the battle?

The Green Rose is a fantasy romance set in the mythical land of Gaia. There are 4 allied nations: N'Gasse, Daháka, Tapin, and Ravenrock. Past Ravenrock, to the east, in a tundra-like land, the savage wyldebeasts are kept at bay a 50,000 myle granite wall that runs the length of Ravenrock.

The evil mage, Balthyser, has betrayed Tapin. Seeking power, he uses the wyldebeasts to attack the allied nations, kidnapping the kings of Tapin and Daháka.

The rulers of the allied nations must seek the Green Rose and harness it's magic in order to defeat Balthyser.

N'Gasse is the land of jaguars and Rowan is the "elder" ruler of the allied nations. N'Gasse has a Mediterranean climate and most of the citizens dress in lighter clothing. Rowan and her jaguar, Damon, are bonded and can mind speak to each other. With Sonia and Ivanstan's fathers kidnapped, Rowan's steadfastness and calm counsel gives direction and purpose to the allied nations attack on Balthyser.

Meryl Streep, inspiration for: "Queen Rowan of N'Gasse"


The door opened and Ivanstan walked in. "Talas is settled."

"Good." Rowan paused and walked to the window. "What we decide here, now, will have major consequences for Gaia. We must do our best."
Sonia glanced at Ivanstan. The look on his face shared her concern.

"I promise," said Sonia.

"And I," replied Ivanstan.

"The green rose defeated the same problem over eight hundred years ago. We must call upon it again. I will give you a map of the Tagrassé Forest with detailed instructions to find the rose. You must find it and bring it to Talas and I."

"Talas? Really? He's clearly incapable--" began Ivanstan.
"Talas is a fool, but he will do his duty if I am there to see he does. Together, the four of us will harness the magic of the rose and defeat Balthyser."

"Do you have a plan?" Sonia crossed her arms, intent on listening to the queen.

"Aye. I'll have my daughter dispatch troops within the week to rendezvous here with me at Dukas Keep. Can you both have troops sent here?"

"How many and how soon?" asked Sonia.

"As many as you can in two weeks' time," said Queen Rowan.

"Did you intend for Sonia and I to go after the rose?" asked Ivanstan.

"Aye. You're young and battle-tested, and both heirs to Gaia's noble houses. I want you to travel alone so you will proceed quickly. Once you acquire the rose, I want you to go to Tavere, Ravenrock's capital."

"You mentioned there are three witches guarding the rose?" Sonia pursed her lips.

"Yes. They will not harm you, but you will have to pass their test to take possession of the rose."

"A test?" Ivanstan arched an eyebrow.

"I have no doubts you will pass it." Queen Rowan paused and drew in a breath. "Now, Ivanstan, this is important. Dispatch a trusted banner house from Dahaka to meet you in Tavere. While you are on your quest with Sonia, this bannerman is to select a banner house from
Ravenrock. You will give them instructions to find the witches and send them into the forest with the intention of mating with the women."

"A pleasant task for them." Ivanstan chuckled.

Sonia said nothing. She understood the urgency of the witches to mate, but it sounded so impersonal.

"After that, I want you to go to Vesper's Keep. I will have the assembled troops and Talas with me. Once I see the condition of the land, we'll form a plan to attack the castle."


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Celia Yeary said...

Whoa! You surprised me with Meryl Streep! I like that you choose actresses and actors for your characters. I can never seem to find the right one. Very nice!

StephB said...

Thanks Celia. I thought Meryl was very inspired. hehe

Lindsay Townsend said...

Congratulations on your latest release, Steph! Stunning cover for a brilliant idea!

StephB said...

Thanks, Lindsay. Carina Fuller did the cover and she did a great job with it.