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Guest Post and Contest: Tina Donahue - 'Claiming Magique'

I’m so excited! Appointment with Pleasure is my first series for Ellora’s Cave. Book One, Claiming Magique (coming August 31), is one of the hottest books I’ve ever written. Here’s the cover, blurb and a brief excerpt to give you an idea of the story.

I’m also offering a contest – the tour winner will have her choice of THREE of my backlist ebooks. So, read on!! And leave comments at each of my stops (check my blog daily for details: ) for your chance to win! The more comments, the better your chances.


Claiming Magique
Book One – Appointment with Pleasure series
Tina Donahue

A man at the center of power…a woman who won’t be ruled…
They call her Magique.

Sought out by the District’s elite, she’s no ordinary call girl, deciding who will pleasure her for the evening. Her preference is for several men at once. Games of bondage and submission heighten her arousal and desire to have a strong male take her…to be adored.
Lobbyist Hunter Prescott was only looking for a good time, not a woman who unleashes a hunger so deep it changes his world. He won’t stop until Magique is his alone, a prisoner of his lust, powerless against his growing need for her body and heart.
With this man, resistance isn’t allowed. For this woman, he’ll create a world of sensual delight and yearning like none she’s known. Proving that only with trust and true surrender will she find unparalleled rapture.

“Gentlemen,” she said, far warmer and more encouraging than the woman downstairs. Although she’d addressed them as a group, her attention remained on Hunt a bit longer before she regarded his friends.
He really liked that.
“Welcome,” she said.
For once, Tim didn’t seem to know how to respond. Speechless, he drank her in, the same as David, their Adam’s apples bobbing with their hard swallows.
She accepted their silence as though moments like this had played out before with countless other men who were fascinated by her presence and confident sexuality. Jack had claimed she didn’t like one on one, preferring group sex. As far as Hunt was concerned, Tim and David no longer existed. He and Magique were alone in this room.
His mind went into overdrive, picturing her facing the wet bar, obedient to his every demand. He had dozens, but contented himself with the most pressing first. With his hands on hers, he directed Magique to grip the edge of the counter. She turned her face to his, their mouths so close he could smell her sweet breath. It warmed and tickled his skin. Kissing her shoulder, he guided her to bend at the waist. Her hair tumbled over her arms, away from her ass, his sole focus. Inch by delicious inch, he edged up her wicked dress, exposing her buttocks. Two lush globes that begged him to squeeze them.
In his fantasy, she wasn’t wearing panties or a thong. He wanted nothing separating her skin from his, not even a condom. According to Jack, there wasn’t any worry about getting her pregnant. She protected herself well. She also knew that he, Tim and David had submitted to testing and passed with flying colors, free of any social disease. None of them would have been here tonight if they’d been a threat. It was one of her many demands.
Images unwound in Hunt’s mind of him kissing the crease at the top of her thigh. The scent of her sex washed over him. He suppressed a groan of delight and touched her slit. Slick with her arousal. Ready for—
Her sleek muscles rippled beneath the shimmering gold fabric as she turned back to the bar, pulling Hunt from his outrageous fantasy. He stared stupidly at the tray she held.
On it were three glasses of varying heights. The squat one with the amber liquor was bourbon neat, no water or ice. His favorite drink.
He wondered if it was Jim Beam and suspected it was. Had Jack told her his preference in hard liquor? Most likely.
With the grace of a runway model, she moved toward them, her heels clicking lightly on the floor, her steps in rhythm with the music’s beat. Slow and suggestive.


Tina Donahue
“Heat with Heart”


*** CONTEST ***

To celebrate the release of Claiming Magique on August 31, I’m offering a contest. One lucky commenter during this blog tour will have her choice of THREE of my following ebooks**:

1.            Adored – RWA award-winning; EPIC 2011 Finalist; 4 Stars RT
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** Winner chosen at random. Winner chosen September 13


Tina Donahue said...

Morning, Lindsay - thanks so much for having me here today!! :)

Mannouchka said...

I want to thanks Lindsay for having Tina It's always a great pleasure to read about I really enjoy her book.
I wish both a wonderful Saturday and Sunday and thanks for this contest
that's great count me in

Sandy said...

Tina, definitely a hot excerpt. Erotic romance is tough to write, and you did a great job.

Tina Donahue said...

Thanks for stopping by, Mannouchka - wonderful to have you here. :)

Tina Donahue said...

Hey, Sandy - glad you liked it! :)

Tessie Bradford said...

Congrats on the upcoming release, Tina! I ca't wait to read this book!

Tina Donahue said...

Thanks, Tessie - had a blast writing it!! :)

Elf2060 said...

Nice blurb and excerpt, thank you for sharing and good luck with the new release!

Tore said...

Congratulations on the release and thanks for the giveaway. Please enter me.

Tina Donahue said...

Thanks, Elf!! :)

Tina Donahue said...

Hey, Tore - thanks! :)

Willa Edwards said...

Yummy. Awesome excerpt Tina! Can't wait to get my copy.

Tina Donahue said...

Hey, Willa - Thanks!!! I loved writing Claiming Magique. :)

Tina Donahue said...

I wanted to thank everyone for stopping by. I've now chosen my winner (from all the comments on all the sites I've visted these last days).

The winner was chosen at random (name out of a hat) and she is - drum roll please -

DARCY!! Yay, Darcy!

I'll be contacting you shortly for your prize. :)