Friday, 29 March 2013

Happy Easter! Reading Treats and More

                                      Happy Easter! Happy Holidays!

What do these festive times mean to you? Please feel free to share holiday treats, good wishes and thoughts in the comments section of this blog.

If you have any holiday reads - your own work or someone else's whom you wish to recommend - please post those in the comments section, too.


Lindsay Townsend said...

Happy Easter! My Easter treats are walking in the spring woods, seeing the evenings becoming longer and everything warming up.

My Easter egg treat is a Thorntons Choccie egg with my name on it in pink icing. (A real childhood treat).

You can see my holiday reads - romantic suspense in far-away places and dashing knights and jousts - at my website:

Rosemary Gemmell said...

A very Happy Easter. I love chocolate eggs (especially Cadbury buttons). I love the Easter story of hope and renewal.

My holiday read for 10-13 year olds (and young at heart adults), Summer of the Eagles, is now in print as well as ebook.

Celia Yeary said...

Good Friday, Lindsay-since my husband and I are senior citizens--but young ones!--and we have no small children or grandchildren anymore--they're all adults or teenagers!--we sort of pass on all the commercial trappings of Easter.
But our church--Presbyterian--has such wonderful events and programs for Easter, we just soak up all that is offered.
The children put on musical program last Sunday, and after church, lunch was served for everyone--snack types of things to hold in a small plate--while the teenagers hid the eggs over the property. Then the little ones rushed out to do the egg hunt thing.
Tonight, we'll attend the choir's musical production, and we have very talented musicians, complete with piano, organ, violins, violas, chimes,...and it is a grand production.

Yes, I have novels and novellas, and readers can go to Amazon under Celia Yeary and choose from a variety. My newest is Rodeo Man which has stayed on two Top 100 lists off and on much of the time. It's been a wonderful seller.
All the Dime Novels (4) are there, and they're been very popular!

Blessings to all, and especially to you, Lindsay, who so faithfully helps others promote. Thank you!

Peter Alan Orchard said...

My Easter reading - I've just moved from 'Three Men in a Boat' to Terry Pratchett's 'Unseen Academicals' (re-read yet again) to the book of the British Museum Ice Age Art exhibition. My own writing is at and the lightest is probably 'The House at Athene Street', a historical shortie for children.

Diane O'Key said...

Love spring, the flowers, the rebirth, and Easter...miss the days my son was young when we'd color, then hide the eggs.
Share your love of historicals, Lindsay, as an historical romance author myself. My CHERISH THE KNIGHT's garnered some nice reviews, and I'm currently catching up with Margaret Mallory's Return of the Highlanders series and Monica McCarty's Highland Guard series.

Savanna Kougar said...

Happy Easter Miracles to one and all!

Gorgeous photos, Lindsey! I have very fond memories of Easter celebrations. This year I'll celebrate by appreciating Nature on my tame prairie.

I have a new ShapeShifter Seductions' release, HER MIDNIGHT STARDUST COWBOYS, which concludes at the New Year's Eve celebraton at the Midnight Stardust Supperclub. You can read two excerpts at ~http//

Maggi Andersen said...

It's autumn here and always lovely in the Southern Highlands of Australia. The golden elm and Himalayan dogwood are turning crimson and gold. I'm having a lazy day reading Dangerous Illusions by Amanda Scott which I'll review. It's very good so far. said...

I live in a multi-cultural society and appreciate children of different faiths being taught about each other's religions at school.

What is the point of giving Easter Eggs to children if they don't understand they are to celebrate the risen Christ.

Today, three of my grandchildren and I are going to choose flowers and an Easter gift for my daughter. They love her to bits and will enjoy choosing it, but during refreshments in the cafeteria we will discuss the meaning of Easter.

J.Rose Allister said...

Happy Easter, Lindsay (and all)!

Easter for me is all about memories of spring, and today we went for a walk at a beautiful 40-acre park where everything is in bloom. It's a magical time of new beginnings. And oh, yes, I really love peanut butter-chocolate eggs!

To capture that magical feeling of spring, I wrote a sweet romance titled ONCE EVERY SPRING (under my other pen name) that's available here:

Georgia Tribell said...

What wonderful pictures. I haven't made it out to the Texas Hill country for any really good pictures this year. Hope to do that next weekend, until then I'll enjoy your pictures.

If anyone is looking for a totally standalone free short story check out Demon Spell. It's short, it's free and it isn't a part of any other of my stories.