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Guest blog: Romy Gemmell - 'The Aphrodite Touch'


Carla hopes that ten days on the romantic island of Cyprus will finally progress her relationship with reserved Scottish boyfriend, Jamie, to a full physical commitment. Or prove that they have no future together. But they had reckoned without the intervention of the goddess Aphrodite and her lover, Adonis. Will Aphrodite awaken Jamie’s hidden depths and allow him to return the passion that Adonis senses in Carla?
This is the first novella in the Aphrodite and Adonis series set on Cyprus.

The Aphrodite Touch Excerpt

“Shall we go and find Aphrodite’s birthplace, today?” Jamie said. “Looks like another hot one, so we could have a swim. Here it is in the guide book, Petra tou Romiou, like that woman said. Seems it’s supposed to be where the goddess of love rose from the sea in a shell.”
Carla leaned across to read the passage before speaking. “Remember that magnificent painting by Botticelli? Aphrodite in her shell with the sea behind her? She was supposed to be born from the foam of the sea. Roman mythology calls her Venus.”
“Yeah, I know the one. Naked as the day she was born.” He grinned his appreciation.
“I might have known you’d remember that.” But she was relieved too; at least he enjoyed the female figure as much as any other man.
She stretched in the morning sunshine. She loved the turquoise shades of the Mediterranean Sea and its endless pathway finally blending with a topaz sky. The heady scent of lemons, and herbs, and pine permeated the air and reminded her of an article she had recently read.
“Did you know archaeologists discovered a perfume lab dating from about 4,000 years ago? Here on Cyprus. They say one of the perfumes was used by Aphrodite herself. Imagine finding something so old and precious!”
For a moment, she thought Jamie hadn’t been listening. Then he looked up. “But how could it have been used by Aphrodite? I thought she was a myth, like Zeus and Mount Olympus.”
Carla laughed at his earnest question. “How do we know what myths and legends are based on fact, and which are imaginary? I’d like to think it was true.”


A freelance writer for many years, Rosemary Gemmell’s short stories and articles are published in UK magazines, in the US, and Online and she has won a few short story prizes over the years. The Aphrodite Touch is the first in her new series of short novellas published by Tirgearr Publishing. Her first historical novel, Dangerous Deceit, was published by Champagne Books in Canada in May 2011, and Victorian novella, Mischief at Mulberry Manor, was published on kindle in December 2012.

First tween novel, Summer of the Eagles, was published by MuseItUp Publishing in Canada in March 2012 (as Ros) and The Jigsaw Puzzle was published in April 2013. She describes herself as a butterfly writer, as she writes in so many different genres and different styles. Rosemary is a member of the Society of Authors, the Scottish Association of Writers and the Romantic Novelists’ Association.

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Rosemary Gemmell said...

Thank you so much for featuring me here today, Lindsay!

Kemberlee said...

This is a lovely story. I highly recommend it. Am very pleased it's the first in a series! Congrats and best of luck with it, Romy!

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Hi Kemberlee - thanks so much for your lovely comment! It's a pleasure working with Tirgearr.

Carla Dillon said...

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