Saturday, 17 May 2014

A new Viking Romantic adventure ~ VIKING MAGIC


When Gisla hurls herself aboard Flane’s longship, she is desperate to avoid marriage to Karli Olafsson. Oli, Flane’s 16-year-old foster-son, thinks she’s the most wonderful girl he’s ever seen. But a Viking warship follows them home to Scotland. Can Flane and Oli protect Gisla without endangering themselves and their families? What is so fearful about Karli Olafsson? Why do the men of Dyflin, as well as the girl, fear him?
Adventures, romance and magic meld in VIKING MAGIC to provide a fascinating tale of love, sacrifice and undeniable passion.


Oli grabbed Flane’s arm. ‘You won’t make her go back?’

Flane looked down. It was not a boy’s hand clamped so fiercely around his arm, but the large, muscular hand of a man. Though Oli’s voice had broken early, he’d still acted like a boy. Now the boy was disappearing in front of his eyes, and the man was an unknown entity.

‘Some men will not take kindly to a bride escaping. They’ll come after her.’

Oli’s jaw clenched.

‘What if a sixty-strong warband arrives tomorrow?’ Flane went on. ‘We have only half that strength. You would put the lives of all at the Steading at risk?’

‘They’d protect her,’ Oli declared. ‘I’m sure they would!’ He appealed to Hakon. ‘You’d protect her, wouldn’t you?’

‘We might have to. Or at least protect ourselves.’ Grim-faced, Hakon nodded to the seaward end of the loch. ‘Look out there.’

Flane and Oli swung round. A ship stood at the mid-point of the loch, neatly framed by the mountains on either side of the water. The red and white striped sail, clear in the half light of the northern summer evening, shuddered as the breeze disappeared with the last of the sun’s rays.

Beside him, the girl moaned on an indrawn breath. Her hand covered her mouth, and her eyes stared unblinking at the ship. Flane looked at Hakon.

The big man shrugged. ‘She told us her father is Harold Ice-Walker. He’s the least of our problems. Her prospective father-in-law is Erik Bloodaxe.’

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