Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Lizzie's Secret by Rosie Clarke

Lizzie has a dark secret in her past.  When she was fourteen she was attacked, brutally raped and left for dead, but she has no memory of that terrible night.  For months she was in a sanatorium before she finally recovered enough to begin to relearn her life, but she has never remembered and her uncle will not allow her to be told.

Now she is to marry and on the morning  of her wedding her aunt cruelly tells her the brutal truth.  Lizzie is confused and does not know whether to believe the aunt who has always disliked her - but if she goes through with the wedding and the story is true - what will Harry think of her then?

Lizzie is destined to suffer heartache and pain, but in finding her true talent as a milliner, perhaps she can find a way to happiness.

Lizzie's Secret is on sale in ebook now and the paperbacks will be out later in the year.  At the time of writing this blog Lizzie's Secret is number one in Historical and sagas at amazon.

The sequel Lizzie's War is due out in September.

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