Saturday, 17 September 2016


Why do I want to write romance? Truth is I know that I can. But creativity though important isn't the only thing needed. And moods can play a part in how much, when, and what is written. So goes it for me. 

I've had to contend with a bunch of stuff this year that would make many give pause. That said I still want to work on creating and writing stories.

I've been thinking a lot about Remember Him Yesterday with Nick and Krista, and have worked on aspects of their story lately. I do cherish these characters, but I also seem to have lost some of the driving force that created them and their story in the first place. That's not to say I'm not continuing with their story for it is one I still love and want to tell.

Some time has passed since I wrote Almost Home Nick and Kirsta Christmas. as I read it over again, I see things that surely need to be layered in to clarify the story more and to show more of who these characters are. A project worth exploring for sure.

With that said, the book is still on Kindle and I was thinking about reworking it a bit for the coming season. Not so much as to give the ideas in RHY away, but to add a little more depth in fleshing out Almost Home. 

Sounds like a project worth doing. So I am giving it some serious thought. There is also the other short story that I was working on for a while, Again Hope, Nick Loves Krista and that story is also worthy of another look by me.

Kaye Manro


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