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Inspirational Romance by Kenneth Summerford "Liberty" Romance Out of a Clear, Blue Sky

Blurb and Excerpt for Liberty 2018 09
 Genres: Romance; Inspirational  

Liberty Adair is recovering from her broken marriage and even has questions about God, science and her future.  She is a Christian who unexpectedly meets a college professor who is good-looking, available but an atheist.  Sometimes opposites attract.  They are worlds apart but both need love and have disturbing questions about science, God and their future romantic relationships.  Dr. Ernest Siegfried is successful until he has a heart attack at age 39.  Liberty was divorced from her preacher husband and now wonders if her life has meaning, or is her life without purpose and direction?  Liberty has some past hurts from her failed marriage and longs for a good marriage and children.
Ernest believes that modern science has replaced beliefs in God.  Liberty is researching evolution, intelligent design and questions about the Creator to answer some burning doubts.  At age 28, can she be sure of what is real and what are outdated religious beliefs?
How does God interface with humans?  Does DNA prove intelligent design by the Creator?  Did God create mankind in His image, or did humans create gods and goddesses in their image?
Liberty and Ernest struggle to find the answers by using science, the Bible, probabilities and logic.  Together they embark on a journey to discover the truth about their rocky future together, the evolution of life, intelligent design, and mysteries of the Divine. 

Excerpt from chapter 1, Book 1

The frigid, wet November wind encouraged her to seek shelter in the warmth of stacks of books.  She was reading a book in the university’s library in North Texas and glancing at the men near her.  Loneliness followed her like freezing rain from her home to the doors of the library, but had to leave when she gazed at the books and the individuals reading the volumes.
The professor slowed his pace.  His eyes were caught by the sunlight reflecting off her blonde hair.  Her face was like a Miss Texas winner.   Her shoulders were straight and her blouse concealed her sculptured chest. A blue skirt rode about two inches above her knees and a brown cotton jacket hung from her shoulders.
“Are you a teacher or student in science?” He stopped.
“No, I’m just reading a book on intelligent design and evolution,” she replied on seeing the professor and then buried her head back into the book. 
“Oh, who wrote it?”
She smiled and looked up.  “A scientist named Stephen Meyer.”
“I don’t recognize the name.”  He raised his eyebrows and displayed a condescending smile.
Her expression hardened.  “Dr. Meyer has done some excellent work in science and wrote this book explaining how God used intelligent design to create the universe and develop life on Earth.”
He laughed.  “So you’re telling me that God designed a physical universe with galaxies, stars and a planet we call Earth?  Sorry, but I’m an atheist and do not believe in all that nonsense.”
She hadn’t taken a good look at who had been speaking with her, but his statement made her take a closer look at him.  She raised her voice, “Nonsense?  Do you know anything about the human body and DNA, or are you one of those atheists who—“  She didn’t finish the sentence as her eyes grasped the image of a well-dressed, rather handsome man, about six feet tall, with dark-brown hair and a short beard.
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This book is a unique blend of romance, science, religion and philosophy.


Genres: Romance; Inspirational  


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