Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Midsummer Poetry Week, day three

More love poems today from my writing group. Graham, Candida and Barry provide the poetry, while the top two pictures are by Victor Harris from Barry's garden and the one at the bottom was taken by my hubby in ours.

Love, Lust and Friendship

Friendship comes first, with a smile, a word.
Shared confidences over a drink or two
secret meetings, a quiet field trip.
Something happening, don’t be absurd,
we’re just good friends, what harm can we do?
Our own relationships are just having a blip.

Lust can come as a surprise.
That warm driven passion from a stolen kiss,
gentle touch’s hidden from view.
A burning lust does arise,
obsessive secret meetings, a warm wet bliss,
the fires keep burning whatever you do.

Love gifts and tender feelings creep in.
Lust gives way to lifetime thoughts,
the knowledge of a warm and tender love.
No more snatched moments of sin.
Our love will last, no negative thoughts
the angels must have blessed us from above.

Graham Alibone

Six-word poems

Eyes meet,
Sensations prickle,
Lovers greet.

Cannot breathe
I need
Your squeeze

Love’s found
Love’s lost

Hey you,
Let’s say
I do!

Together we are
Better than

First the kisses,
Then it’s Mrs

Shared moments
Knowing eyes
Love’s found

Arthritic joints,
Loves’ longevity
Cures all.

Love is a universe
For two

My inner fire
Wants your desire

Candida Heard


Irresistible, dramatic, majestic and yet delicate
dancing with the crowd

Rhizomes exposed to the sun
storing the energy

Inspired Monet and Van Gogh
style, beauty, breathtaking masterpieces

Sensual, demanding and always full of surprises
the charm of a gypsy

Barry Kellington


Savanna Kougar said...

Six word comment ~

Another realm
Where hearts live

lavaman said...

Love is life
Love is fun
Love is strife
Love everyone!

Keep those brains,hands and pens working folks, it's looking good.

Jane Richardson, writer said...

Wow! Graham’s poem about 'love creeping in' works so well, it has a lovely progression in the poem that matches the progression of the relationship (if that makes sense!) Candida’s six-word poems are deceptively simple yet very cleverly done, and made both smile with recognition and laugh out loud at the sheer fun in some of them! Great idea. I loved Barry’s ‘charm of a gypsy’ about the irises, I can picture exactly what he means when I think of that flower. Irises are both dramatic and yet delicate, aren't they? More fantastic stuff again today! You’ve made me dig out the poetry books and immerse myself in the sheer joy of words this week, everyone! Thank you. :)

Jane x

LK Hunsaker said...

Graham, Candida, and Barry, thanks for sharing your work with us! Nice fun romantic thoughts :-)

Love the photos, too.