Monday, 22 June 2009

Love, Stalker of the Heart

As with my stories, my poetry is mood oriented. I love poems to reflect emotion and tell a story in hopes those who read it feel it and relate.

In my line of work, I have the opportunity to observe, meet and get to know a lot of different people. For the first six years upon our return to our small town, I had a drive-thru affair with a local repairman. I know that sounds bad, but it was harmless flirtation.

At first, I was leery of some questions he started asking. So, one day, I marched into the competition where my sister worked as the assistant manager, and plopped down in a chair, asking her for the low down on him.

I learned he’d been married and she ran off with another man. While this young man was a catch for any woman, I’d met the man she’d run off with and while not quite as handsome, his eyes were irresistible and combined with his sexy smile, he was pure bait and trap.

So, anyway, one day, I found myself behind my drive-thru hunk on my way across town to the grocery store. His assistant turned around and waved at me. This was a common occurrence. You can’t go out without running into someone at least once while you’re doing errands. The town is two miles from the north end to the south end.

We sat at the red stop light and he simply watched me in his side mirror. Our earlier conversation rolled around in mind and this poem started forming in my mind as I thought about how acquaintances can become friends before they know it. By the time I’d finished shopping, the poem was finished as well.


Smiles, waves, the unconscious stares
Occasional verbal exchanges
Chance meeting as we go to and fro
Friends we can be

Worry over your health
Aching to ease your fatigue
Concerned by your absence
Friends we can be

Laughter, tears, and silence
Sharing doubts, hurts, dreams
A lifetime bond
Friends we can be

Music, sports, quiet times
Moods, foods, drinks
Cats, plants, the outdoors
Friends we can be

Fear, attraction, desire, honor
Respect, trust, truth, no promises
Treasures we could be
Friends we can be

Over, I’d say, a couple years time, I put together several poems without considering they were of one theme. My oldest son had experienced his first heartache over a girl; some of my kids at work were having boy/girl issues. And I was using Journey as my relaxation music when I needed to sleep before an evening shift. There is just something about Steve Perry’s voice that spurred my muse on.


Why does it happen
I think of you often
Wherever I go there you are
I sleep and you're in my dreams

I don't understand why
Or what it's supposed to mean
Something has to give
Can't you help me make sense

My heart aches, it doesn't know
If it's supposed to turn away
Or, try to take what I can't have
What you don't want to give

I don't want to hurt you
Some how, a way must be found
To find a way we both can survive
Our souls were meant to be together

Sorting out right and wrong
Could cost us the magic
That could keep us suspended
Searching for what's right here

Over all, I wrote something like sixty poems. I pulled forty-three that seemed to have the same theme going. A longing for the love lost or not returned. So, I put them together in a collection and titled it LOVE, Stalker of the Heart. And again, I used one Lev Dolgachov’s photos for the cover. I found this young lady gave the perfect look and feel for the poems within. It’s available via Amazon.

I have other poems I might put out one day. Some are from a project I had to do in school way back when while others are more family oriented such as the one I posted on the Happily Ever After Blog for Father’s Day.

For the poetry lovers, here are a few groups I’ve recently found -

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LOVE, Stalker of the Heart – available now
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Lindsay Townsend said...

These are powerful poignant poems, Bekki, that express universal themes and truths. I wish you much success with LOVE, STALKER OF THE HEART.

Savanna Kougar said...

Your poems are like watching the inner heart while living everyday life.
I, too, wish you every success with LOVE, STALKER OF THE HEART ~ a great title, btw.

Jane Richardson, writer said...

Beautiful, Bekki. Have you ever had any of your poems set to music? they really do sound like they'd make wonderful song lyrics. :) Good luck with the collection.

Jane x

Bekki Lynn said...

Thanks, Lindsay -- I think a hopeless love feeling is universal and timeless no matter the age.

Savanna, that is a beautiful way to describe it.

Jane - I never though much about putting them to music. I could talk to my niece about it. She writes and performs folk music.

LK Hunsaker said...

Bekki, I love the story of the "affair" that led to the poem. It's so romantic and sweet and the poem reflects that nicely.

Margaret Maguire said...

Dear Bekki
I enjoyed both poems. Im sure lots of people will be able relate to the deep emotion they reflect.

Celia Yeary said...

BEKKI--the story of your drive-thru affair was touching, in a way. I liked your poetry.I read very little poetry, because much of it, I must stop and re-read--not how poetry should be. But yours moved along,flowed, and I didn't stop until the end.
I just found a book of poetry in my friends belongings--she died sometime ago and left a box of stuff for her friends. I chose a small book titled "Kathrina." The book is a look-alike of one I bought in an antique book store--they match perfectly. "Kathrina", first copyright, 1869. reprinted 1881, 1892, 1900. The entire book is one poem--250 pages.I wish you could see it. Celia

Bekki Lynn said...

Wow - a 250 page poem. What an amazing poem it must be.

For her to leave a box for her friends is touching -- she sounds like a truly special person. Also a sign of a kindred spirit to have the same book as you'd found. A real treasure, Ceila.

Bekki Lynn said...

Thanks, LK and Margaret.

I know many people gravitate to work expressing what they are going through and feeling, so I'm hoping they enjoy them.