Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Sarah Simas: Hero worship

Ever give any thought as to what the world would be like if there weren't any Lancelots or Prince Charmings?
Sad, dreary, boring? (Sheesh! That sounds a bit like my dates during college!!)
But it's true! A story without a hero is like a cake with leavening-FLAT!
Now, I realize for argument's sake that a heroine doesn't always need a man to save her and I enjoy those stories, too. But my heart will always belong to a yarn with a hero that makes me burn.

What about a Robin of Locksley in Robinhood?

I know I certainly spent many class periods dreaming of my Robinhood climbing a rose-covered trellis to steal a kiss. Of course, in reality, I wasn't even a glimmer in anyone's eye in 1937 when Errol Flynn played the first Robinhood I ever saw, but the concept wasn't lost on me. A daring, handsome rebel in tights fighting an evil usurper with nothing more than merry men wielding swords- now that is a hero to swoon over!

Then there is my super-duper favorite- the reformed rake! I'm gonna go old school here for this example. Who remembers Johanna Lindsey's Mallory Brothers?? Anthony from TENDER REBEL and James from GENTLE ROGUE are heroes I've yearned for each of the hundred times I've read them. What is it about a charming, naughty boy that ladies can't resist? (probably the fact he's gonna know what's what when the light go out!! LOL)

I would be sorely remiss if I didn't pay homage to the original Highlander- William Wallace in Braveheart. *Sigh* I still get weepy when I see William devouring Murron with his eyes in the marketplace just after their clandestine wedding. Who can forget that scene?! Great Scot! (literally! lol) And then the way the warrior fights like hell for his lost love and his people. My heart is flipping like a fish right now and I'm no where a TV!

Regardless of who your ideal hero is, we all share the same desire to have the love of a man who will steal our heart and leave us wanting more. I know when I write my leading men, it's combination of these gents I try for. How lucky are we to get to create the men of our dreams over and over?! And the best part... we don't have to wash his underwear!!

So tell me- Who do you hero?

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Lindsay Townsend said...

A heart-felt celebration of heroes, Sarah! I agree with you, too: I remember 'falling' for Mr Rochester in 'Jane Eyre'and being spellbound by 'The Wolf and the Dove'. Norah Lofts was another author I enjoy and whose heroes are always interesting.

Lovely blog! Many thanks!!

LK Hunsaker said...

Sarah, not having to wash our hero's underwear would certainly maintain more of the charm! Oh yes, William Wallace via Mel Gibson. Beautiful scene you mentioned.

As for movie heroes, I have to say at the top of my list would be Captain Jack (anti-hero, for sure), his friend/nemesis Will who is the good boy coming into his own, Cary Grant in In Happened One Night, Leonidis in 300 (the respect he gives his heroine and women in general pushes him to the top), Sam in Benny and Joon ... quite a variety there. I like all kinds of heroes. ;-)

Sarah Simas said...

Thanks Lindsay for having me! What a fun topic!

I loved Benny and Joon, too! Great movie! I can agree with you on the Captain Jack. He's a heart-stealer, too. LOL I love Cary Grant in An Affair To Remember and To Catch A Thief. He was such a dashing figure of a man!

Emma Lai said...

I fell in love with John Wayne, Cary Grant, William Shatner as Captain Kirk, and Elvis Presley when I was a little girl...strong and arrogant is how I like my heroes...can you tell?

Celia Yeary said...

Sarah--heroes--in those early stories, such as Joanna Lindsay's, I read a few, always thinking, this is not a real man. I like to think the hero could be real--pure fantasy sort of escapes me.I'm reading a 1991 re-issued novel by Catherine Anderson titled Comanche Heart. Now, this hero, Swift Lopez, oh, man, what a man. Celia

Jane Richardson, writer said...

Captain Jack, yes, although I have the urge to stomp on his toes now and then. Movie heroes, omgosh, any part played by Gene Kelly. To dance and sing like that and sweep a girl off her feet....sigh. :) Lovely post, Sarah - I will be thinking of all those guys as I drift off to sleep tonight....double sigh!

Jane x

Savanna Kougar said...

Sara, fantastic bloggie! I first fell for Robinhood watching that 1937 black and white film. No one has the unique dash of Errol Flynn. Course, I wondered why Maid Marion wasn't riding with him... actually, she does in a lot of stories.
We are exceptionally lucky to 'create the men of our dreams over and over' ~ You are so right. Beautifully spoken.
I HERO ~ Adrian Paul in his role as the Highlander, especially.
However, there have been many, many romance novel heroes who did it for me. Johanna Lindsey's heroes included.

Note: I thought it was Clark Gable who starred in IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT.
Cary Grant is ultra sexy in TO CATCH A THIEF

Ginny Christensen said...

Oh, Sarah,

You got me thinking about when I was young and reading the "smut" books my mom used to have. It seems to me that covers back then said a lot for what you expect on the inside.
Emma Lei, you hit a nerve with me on your "tall, dark and handsome heros. But. . .you forgot Clark Gable and there's a few others than escape me...oh, James Stewart and Rock Hudson. (Sheesh, am I dating myself?)

Great Blog, Sarah. Just thinking about these "hunks" put a smile on my face.

Ginny - Fresno

Keena Kincaid said...

Cheers for heroes! I must confess, my first hero was Haji in Johnny Quest. I eventually matured into 3D leading men. Now when I go looking for hero inspiration I look to Kevin Kline from French Kiss (his transformation is complete and yet ever so charming) or if I want a tortured, kick-ass hero it's Duncan MacLeod from the clan MacLeod.

Linda Banche said...

Hi Sarah, don't we all love those men in tights? The next best thing is men in tight breeches!

Rebecca J Vickery said...

Hi Sarah and Lindsay,
Sorry to be late dropping in. I loved Errol Flynn in his pirate togs even better than in Robin Hood, I think. But to this day the sight of Tom Selleck as Magnum PI leaned against that red Ferrari in those still my heart. And in his Navy dress whites...hurry someone! I need CPR. I think the thing that grabs me most other than him being tall, dark, and delicious was the fact that he was so human in that role. Guess I'm saying I love my heroes to be approachable rather than bigger than life.

Kaye Manro said...

Very good, Sarah! Enjoyed it so much. I loved your view into past heroes too.

LK Hunsaker said...

Savanna! It was Clark Gable in It Happened One Night. I'm mixing up my titles, and was thinking of An Affair to Remember.

Oh and of course Duncan McCleod of Highlander! My husband used to call me out when it started just so I could watch him do the opening scene where he's practicing with his sword and without his shirt. *sigh*

Savanna Kougar said...

An Affair to Remember was GOOD, too.
I especially adore Duncan McCleod as played by Adrian Paul in all of those historical scenes wearing the clothing of the period... yums, lots of them!

Karen Michelle Nutt said...
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Karen Michelle Nutt said...

I have to say Cary Grant is my all time hero. I had a big crush on Richard Gere after Officer and a Gentleman. Have you ever seen him in Sommersby? I'm really going to date myself here, but as a kid there was a story that touched the heart. The actor was Stewart Peterson. In Against a Crooked Sky. His sister kidnapped by an Indian tribe and Stewart Peterson pursues them. In order to win back his sister's freedom, he must sacrifice his own life by passing the test of "Crooked Sky" by finishing the test he would stand in her place to take the executioner's arrow. Now that was a hero!

Great Post.

Hywela Lyn said...
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Chelle Cordero said...

My pulse certainly went racing as I remembered several of these heroes mentioned. Great, fun blog.