Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Christmas Wishes

I’ve been running a Christmas Wishes contest at my blog, and it’s been fascinating. The comments people have made have made me laugh, made me smile and, I’ll admit it, made me shed a tear or two. What started off as a funny little contest has ended up making me think very hard about what my own Christmas wishes.

So….what would I wish for? You know me, so you’ll know that the cure for diabetes is wish Numero Uno. No surprises there. But what else do I wish for?

I wish for my creativity to come back, without the fretting that sometimes goes with it.
I wish I could know what the answer is on the days when I just don’t know what the answer is. Or at least, know where to find it.
I wish world leaders would listen to what their people really want and to act on that, instead of what’s politically advantageous to themselves.
I wish that human beings would believe in themselves and their wonderful abilities more, instead of just believing what they’re told to believe.
I wish that no child, anywhere, ever has to go without, ever again.

I have funny wishes, too. Johnny Depp and chocolate seem to feature quite highly in those, in varying combinations. But I’d also wish for always being able to find the end of the Sellotape, always being able to put my hand on a pen before I forget ‘it,’ whatever ‘it’ may be, and for having an endless supply of beautiful underwear.

I’d love to hear your wishes, and if you come over to Home Thoughts From a Broad and tell me them, you might even win a prize!

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Lindsay Townsend said...

Lovely wishes, Jane! I agree with all of them.

I wish for greater kindness.

I wish I knew the names of all those bankers getting huge bonus payments so I could let them know I do not appreciate their greed.(Being paid well is one thing, but do they take to take their bonus payments this year?)

I wish for the news to tell us what works, as well as what doesn't. And also how we can help.

Kaye Manro said...

Great wishes Jane. And your wishes are great too, Lindsay!

I wish for peace for sure. Peace within me and peace for our world. I know, standard wish, but it is one that we all need.

Jane Richardson, writer said...

I hear you both loud and clear, Kaye and Lindsay. And Kaye, I'll add your wishes to my blog contest so you might win a prize, Linday's already there. :)

Jane x

Savanna Kougar said...

Hi Jane, I share many of your wishes.

Actually, there are natural cures for Diabetes. I know that's not popular to say, and it's not believed. Nevertheless, it's true.
I don't want to get anyone hopes up around that. It takes your own research or knowing those doctors who are willing to go that route.
Blood sugar is a tricky thing. I know. I've dealt with low blood sugar a lot.
Holiday blessings to all!

Linda Banche said...

Take care of yourself, Jane. I think your health is the most important thing you have.

For me, I want to be healthy, because then I can do anything. Then, I want my husband to be healthy, because I want to be with him forever.

Then, of course, I'd like to be young, rich, beautiful, and for my husband to be young, rich, and gorgeous. And we'll be together forever. **grins**

Jane Richardson, writer said...

Thanks for your comments, all! I'm not so sure that's the case in Type 1 diabetes, Savanna, though I wish it were. :(
I love all your wishes - hope they all come true!

Jane x

LK Hunsaker said...

"an endless supply of beautiful underwear" LOL Jane!

Now the Johnny and chocolate thing is not a laughing matter. ;-)

Seriously, beautiful wishes and a nice holiday contest.