Tuesday, 15 December 2009


A few days ago we had the first snow. Not that we received much. The snow stuck only to the grass and melted on the roads. Later in the week we have a forecast for rain.

I like snow, especially when I don't have to drive in it. My best type of snowstorm is one that starts late at night after everyone is home. The next morning, the snow is so deep we can't go to work. I prefer shoveling snow to going to work any day. And if I can't have a day off, I prefer selective snowing. The snow falls only on the grass and the woods and not on the roads. But I haven't yet been able to convince the snow to fall that way. Snow can be stubborn.

Do you like snow or hate it?

Thank you all,
Linda Banche
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Lindsay Townsend said...

Super post, Linda! I love snow - the crispness, the silence, the way it wraps everything, the mystery.
I love watching it fall, too.

Kaye Manro said...

Hi Linda! I don't hate snow. It can be beautiful. What I don't like is the freezing cold. Like when the temps drop into the teens or below. I have to admit I'm a sunny day warm weather girl, though.

Linda Banche said...

Thanks, Lindsay. I agree, watching snow fall is fun, especially when there's little wind and it glides down, enveloping everything in silence as it turns the world white.

Hi, Kaye, Oh, yes, cold temps can be rough. I've found out snow can tell you the temp--when the snow squeaks under your boots, the air temperature is below zero Fahrenheit.

Jan Bowles said...

Hi Linda

I love snow. More so when you can just watch it drift from the window of a lovely warm room.

The way it settles on the grass changing the scene to a perfect blanket of white.


Jane Richardson, writer said...

I love snow! Where can I buy some?? We just don't get much snow here where I live, and if we do, it doesn't last long. I love the feeling of silence and peacefulness it brings. More snow, I say!

Jane x

Kathleen O said...

Snow is okay for Christmas and then it can all melt away.. But I know it never works like that, so as long as it's snowing, I will be snug inside the house and I don't shovel if I don't have to..

Linda Banche said...

Jan, I agree with you. Nothing like seeing the world turn white.

LOL, Jane. Unfortunately, snow is one of those things you can't package and mail elsewhere.

Kathleen, I like staying inside, too, but I do shovel the snow!

Zequeatta Jaques said...

Linda, I love snow and I love playing in it. But only give me a few days and then I am ready for sunshine and warm weather.

Savanna Kougar said...

Linda, mostly I love snow for all the reasons mentioned above... just the sheer beauty of snow as it falls, then as it blankets the land creating another world.
The only time snow is not my friend is if I get stuck in it.
Oh, and frigid temps like we're currently having, brrrr... I hate that!

Linda Banche said...

Hi Zeaquetta. Yes, when the snow hangs around and gets all dirty and icy it's not so much fun.

I agree, Savanna, I like snow,too, except when I get stuck. Your cold temps are heading this way now. Temps below freezing for the rest of the week.

LK Hunsaker said...

Hi Linda, I like looking at it from my window when it's fresh and clean and I enjoy scooping most of the time. I hate it on the roads.

Linda Banche said...

LK, you and me both!