Monday, 3 May 2010

The Magic of Candles

Don't they look quite the duo?

Jfay of Wick'd Reads did a fabulous job, didn't she?

We use candles for many different reasons. For comfort, to cleanse the air, to scent the air and even to cover odors or to give light during a power outage.

For most of us, we love to use candles to set the mood for special dinners and bedroom romance.

I use them in many different forms, because I've always had this fasination with candles. I used to sit and drip wax from different candles into jars and cans to make tye dye candles for fun. Or maybe I was bored, I don't know. I love the smell of candles burning, especially after you blow them out. I also use wickless candles in warmers -- I'm a candle junkie. I've turned my boys into candle junkies. lol

But have you ever wondered about the hidden magic of candles; what the colors might mean? Each have their own special attributes.

I'm easily intrigued by such things. I'm all about scents while very particular due to allergies. So, I looked it up, yet again.

White - It holds purity and power while bringing out the special effects of other colors burned along side. It has the ability to cleanse and give hope. If believed, it can help with healing.

Red - Makes me think of Valentine's Day, because red and love just seem to go hand in hand with passion and sexual appetite - well, one would hope. ;)

Pink - There is something innocent about pink, a simpleness that reminds me of young love, first success and wanting to live clean and carefree, honouring that is around me.

These are the colors of my first two candles Jfay made for my first two releases. Erotic Passions is magnificent -- it's Spiced Cherry scent adds to the combination of colors. It's perfect for bedroom romance. The very scent is erotic. At times, I walk into my bedroom and the spicy scent f cloves wafts through the air and I nearly melt into a puddle of desire.

It's available online, if you'd like to read more about it.

Last Glass of Wine -- fitting for the candle. It's scent is a very accurate Merlot, who needs a glass of wine while you're reading? I have to say, when the scent floats my way it makes me smile. It so reminds me of the sensual way Cole and Lana shared glasses of wine. I shiver at the thought of seeing him deliberately drink from where she had just had her lips.

If you'd like to read more about it, it's also available online.

And now, I have this gorgeous, sexy scented Jewel of the Sun candle which taunts me while I work in the kitchen. I swear it needs to be made into a men's body wash or cologne. It's blend of sage and citrus, bayberry and eucalytus is more than I could have hoped for. And we drooled over the sage and citrus blend before we added the others. We named the wonderful blend, Healing Potion and it can be found in on the Author Signature Scents page of Wick'd Reads.
What is the significience of the Jewel of the Sun's black and green? Well, I'm about to fill you in.

Green - while we all assoicate green with money, a green candle not only stands in agreement, but can promote other aspects such as bringing on prosperity, harmony, renewed balance, and even healing and protection.

Black - I saved this one for last for obvious reasons. Jewel of the Sun's BLOOD DESTINY talks of the healing aspects of the peridot and Bay Leaf tea. I never really thought about the signifcance of a black background for my cover, just seemped right therefore black for the candle seemed a given. Black is a powerful color for more than the reason most of us use it - to hide our weight or to ease eyestrain. It's protectiveness can bring a person back to reality, making them comfortable. You know, stablizing the mood, the fears and give us a bold spirit. But, you also have to becareful not to use too much of it with others to offset. If you've ever sat too long in a darkened room, have you noticed how your mood and disposition take a downturn? So, mix it with another color.

The choice of using the green with the black candle was to protray the peridot the story is centered around. However, the two together become a powerful spiritual energy source to bring you through the roughest times. And Cassandra needs all she can gather. She finds it through the peridot, the special blend of tea, and a the love of a man.

But more importantly, the candle represents healing magic we all could use in our lives. Don't you think?
What color candles do you have in your home? What are some of your favorite scents? I'm partial to vanilla and do use it alot, however, not all vanilla's are the same.
Happy Monday!
Contemporary romance with sizzling sensuality


Lindsay Townsend said...

Gorgeous, Bekki! The candles look a perfect match for your books and are stunning! The scents sound magnificent! I'm sure they are in huge demand!
Could you do a candle/book combo at your local bookstores?

Bekki Lynn said...

If I were to do a booksigning, it'd make a gorgeous display, wouldn't it?

I have to say, when I walked through the kitchen half asleep at five thirty this morning, the scent did mellow me out. I was scolding Buster for his impatience in not waiting for one of us to get up on our own. It's hard to continue when you're smiling. He's used to dad getting up at five, but he works later today.

Savanna Kougar said...

Oh, such gorgeous candles and the scents sound all too delectable.

For one thing, I love sage. Green is also the color of the heart chakra.

Way back when I did the wine bottle where you keep putting different colored candles in and let them flow down the sides.

I wish I'd gotten into the habit of using candles more because a burning candle is just soothing somehow.

Bekki Lynn said...

It really is, Savanna. I love candles while in the bath for that reason.

I remember using beer and wine bottles for candle holders and admiring the drippings down the glass -- does that date us or what?

I remember spending hours in places like Wicks 'n Things at the mall - then die later. lol I wish I wasn't so scent sensitive -- candles were done in so many different designs and sizes.

Francesca Prescott said...

Bekki, I love candles, to the point where I've been laughed at for "wasting" close to thirty minutes to light them all! I love tea-lights, too, and am constantly buying scented candles, and burn them all year round. In the summer, if the weather is bad and we can't hang out outside in the evening, I put an assortment of candles and tea lights in the fireplace! It looks really pretty!

I'd love to try some of your candles, but I guess it would cost a fortune in postage :(

Kaye Manro said...

I do love candles too, Bekki. Nice post. These candles do seem to match the way your books sound.