Thursday, 12 August 2010

Jackie's Boys

What a fun story to write!

This wasn't the story I started out doing for this genre, but I found the story I was doing too much for a short. I'm so glad that happened, because I love this story. I didn't at first, because I really didn't know what I was doing in writing a short menage. Generally, you want all three point of views, but there's simply not a lot of room in a ten thousand word story. At least for this inexperienced short story writer. I actually left it all in the heroines pov, which I normall cringe at. And, I don't generally have a sense of humor, much less write it, but these twins pulled me into their antics and made it too easy.

Jackie's Boys was included in a recent anthology release. I've since revised it and wa-la!


Jackie's used to the antics of her husband, Lenny, and his twin brother, Randy, but this time they decided to include her in their lastest bet. She had forty-eight hours to figure out which one of them she was married to. However, she decides to turn the game around on them by following through on a long-time fantasy to have both brothers at the same time. [menage a trios]

PG Excerpt:

She was picking beans to can and freeze when chatter had her looking over her shoulder. "Morning, lazy-butts!" she called out.

"You’re the farmer."

"You were raised in the country." They stood barefoot, wearing identical black shorts, not that it mattered. She wouldn’t know who she was bantering with if they wore different colors.

"Can we help?"

All right, what were they up to now? "Sure, you can." She looked around to see what would be safest for her vegetables. "You can pull weeds in the corn rows. You know, the dirt path between those rows of tall green stalks."

"Ha ha."

"I’d put shoes and shirt on, gloves wouldn’t hurt."

They came down the row behind her and picked her up by her underarms, letting her feet dangle.

"Hey, guys! I’ve work to do if you want to eat this winter. Len, don’t you have to work today."

They set her down on the patio sandwiched between them. The one behind her moved the lose strands of the hair and started kissing her neck. "I wouldn’t do that if I were you," she said about the time he started sputtering.

"Damn it tastes like—"

"Bug spray. Part of my gardening attire.

"Ok, fine. How long before you wash it off?" The man in front of her asked.

"When the work is done." She walked over to the ledge near the kitchen window and picked up her gardening cologne. "I’ll be done sooner if you help." They held out their arms, allowing her to spray them down.

She watched them approach the corn, eye it, look at one another then they took opposite ends of the twenty twelve-foot rows she planted. They got down on their hands and knees and started pulling. It was all she could do not laugh her ass off at the site of two grown men crawling around in the corn. They didn’t have to, but she decided to let them punish themselves for a bit. She returned to the beans, listening for grumbles.

"This is going to take a week."

"Yeah, well, you have the softer end."

"No, you do. Let’s switch."

She smirked and watched them trade places, not ready to end their suffering.

"Man, the weeds are cemented in."

"Told you."

"Trade back."


Jackie rolled her eyes and relented. She stood and went over to the shed where she pulled out two hoes. Walking over to the corn, she stood for a moment eyeing their asses. She whistled and they both looked around at her. "Nice view, sexy, I call a tie at ten." She tapped the tools on the ground. "This is what I use to weed. I’m pretty sure you were brought up to use them, too." They all but ran to her.
Each man grabbed one, kissed her on the mouth and muttered, "Ten and a half," as they walked away.

Laughing, she returned to the beans to finish her last row for the day.

When she reached the end of the row, she realized she hadn’t heard a peep from the guys in a while. She went along the corn until she saw them. They worked fast having done a little over half between them and the work was passable. Satisfied, she hauled the bushel of beans to her outdoor sink, uncovered it and started filling it with water before dumping the beans in to wash them. As it filled, she did what she often did on bean pickin’ day, she stripped out of the clothes and stood under the outdoor shower to wash the sweat, repellant and itch away. The cold water felt wonderful on her heated skin, caused as much from the guys’ near nakedness then sun beating down on her. Without drying, she pulled on a smock top which once belonged to her mother-in-law. It covered her ass and that was all she needed as she washed the beans and picked off the ends. She had two tubs to put them in as she did. One for the ones she snapped for canning, the other for ones she left whole for the freezer.

"Hey, tryin’ to distract us?"

She grinned. "Get back to work."

"I did my half." He stood under the shower with his shorts on. "You always run around naked."

"We’re in the country, no two-legged neighbors," she said, watching the water run down his chest. "You’re distracting me. Why don’t you go in and turn the burner on under the black kettle?"

He came over to her, dripping and put his arms around her. "Since we're distracted, I think we should do something about it."



Available at Smashwords, other venues coming.
Cover Design by Bekki Lynn


Lindsay Townsend said...

Love the humour, Bekki! Love the way she turns the tables! What a fun story!

Kaye Manro said...

This does sound like a fun story, Bekki!

Bekki Lynn said...

Thanks, Lindsay and Kaye.

Humor shows up when you least expect it. It's best that way I think.

Savanna Kougar said...

Bekki, congrats on your release. Yep, I love the way Jackie turns the tables and has her way with them.

Savanna Kougar said...

Oh, and I forgot to say... I'm just waking up... your cover is fun and eye-delectable!

Bekki Lynn said...

Thanks, Savanna. I appreciated your input as well as Lindsay's on the cover.