Thursday, 23 September 2010

Evie Balos: The Unnecessary Bodyguard

Lindsay, thank you for this wonderful opportunity to visit you here! Although I write mainly contemporary and paranormal fiction, I am an avid reader of just about any kind of sensual romance—including tales of hunky knights!

My latest release is a debut novel with Cobblestone Press titled The Unnecessary Bodyguard. The dhampir character in Balkan folklore has always appealed to me, and so my muse went with it and produced a rugged, slightly tortured half-vampire, half-human hero. Jovan Markovic lives in Chicago. He belongs to an organization that keeps hostile vampires in check and also owns a security company. He’s dedicated to his mission and therefore has little time for fun and romantic relationships—particularly with human females who don’t understand the dark side of his life.

But that unexpectedly changes when the heroine, Nina Bradley, comes into the picture as an unwilling client whose friend is convinced she’ll be attacked by a vampire.


Nina Bradley doesn't pay attention to her friend's premonition that she'll be attacked by a vampire. She discovers Daphne's assigned a dhampir bodyguard to her and clearly objects. Worse, she finds him terribly attractive, but he’s half vampire. They don’t suit. A good reason to stop fantasizing about him.

Jovan Markovic wants to keep things professional between him and his beautiful client, but his desire for her is spiralling out of control. He ought to assign someone else to the case, but he won’t. He ought to use his lover to erase Nina from his mind, but he can’t…


More dhampir men are on the way! I’m currently writing book two in the Dhampir Desire series, telling the story of Jovan’s brother.

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Lindsay Townsend said...

Hi Evie and welcome to Lindsay's Romantics!

Your THE UNNECESSARY BODYGUARD sounds amazing - I love the vampire spin on the bodyguard/protector theme!

Sexy cover!

Wishing you many sales!

Evie Balos said...

Awe, thanks Lindsay! I do love my dhampir men, lol. Best wishes to you too. :-)


Julia Rachel Barrett said...

This sounds like a great read! Congrats and I wish you many many sales.

Savanna Kougar said...

Hi Evie, what an exciting premise.

Dhampire? Forgive my ignorance. Does that mean half vampire?

Evie Balos said...

Hi Julia!

Thanks for the kind words. I absolutely loved writing it. I wish you all the best too!


Evie Balos said...

Hi Savanna!

Yes, a dhampir originates from Balkan folklore. They are half-vampire, half-human and apparently the ultimate vampire hunter. Mine only hunt bad vampires, though. :-)

PS. If any of you ladies would like to take part in really fun activities for both authors and readers, my yahoo group is geared for that. Send me an email if you're interested and I'll send you an invitation.

evie at evie balos dot com