Friday, 17 September 2010

Holidays - They Are a Comin'

It may only be September, but the holidays are upon us. I look forward to September. The moment I see the Halloween décor and candy put out, I know it's a matter of days before the Christmas decorations will appear. I drool.

Yeah, I hear you all groaning, but it makes me happy, makes me smile, makes me giddy. The holidays are my favorite time of year.

Jesse, my son, and I went orchard hopping Monday. Oh, my! We had a blast. The first place we stopped was a disappointment as orchards go, but love the wares in the shops. After we shared an amazing cinnamon roll, purchased cider donuts and pumpkin butter, we explored the gift shop. The scarecrows, the decorated pumpkin shelf sitters, the old world tree ornaments of Santa, sleighs, snowmen. It was a small place, so we moved on.

The next place had only a shop, but you were allowed to walk around the working farm and see the animals. Of course, we did. The roosters were confused, crowing at noon. When we entered the shop, we fell in love immediately. They had two ten foot shelves lined with fruit spreads and preserves. Strawberry, blueberry, pumpkin, elderberry, blackberry, pineapple, gooseberry, you name they had it. And the cookbooks - a family weakness. There we purchased plums that we're enjoying immensely, blueberry and pineapple preserves, and corn for my squirrels. We're returning for gift shopping.

Last but not least is the best place in the area. This place is amazing. Samples galore; I probably gained five pounds. Peach and corn salsa, dill dip, pickled beets, hot and spicy bread and butter pickle, peanut butter, preserves, caramel sauce, honey, raspberry sauce - the place knows how to entice sells. We purchased Peach grilling sauce and used it on grilled chicken last night - it was delicious. I can't wait to try the Peach and Pecan dressing.

But best of all was they devoted an entire corner to Christmas decorations. One tree and several shelves and drawers were nothing but snowmen; carved ones, metal ones, glass and porcelain. Trays, chip and dip servers, coasters - anything you could possibly think of. How'd they know I had a thing for snowmen? lol My husband groaned. Oh, yeah, I didn't mention that for this stop, Jesse's girlfriend and my husband joined us.

I'm so hyped up that I've been trying to figure out where to put my tree this year; which new ornaments to buy. I always purchase six new ones every year. And I've been searching various sites to purchase new stockings. I have a new daughter-in-law to be to add to my spree this year so it's a good excuse to buy new, monogrammed stockings. I love shopping for everyone.



Lindsay Townsend said...

Thanks for sharing Bekki -it sounds truly magical.
Would you be tempted to include a shop like that or an orchard like that in your romances?

Snowmen are jolly!

Wild idea...
A Christmas tree for a lovely lovely single girl - each ornament manifests in her dreams in a delicious sensual way with the guy she's wondered about and gets. (Well it is Xmas)

I love all holidays, too, Bekki - I wish we had halloween as well as Bonfire Night.

Savanna Kougar said...

Bekki, it is the time of year to enjoy and be happy. When I had others to shop for, I enjoyed it immensely.

Thanks for sharing your happiness with us. Orchards, apple cider, decorations... luv it all.

Heck of a good idea, Linday, for a Christmas romance... I wish I could get a Christmas tale written... an idea for one is brewing, but it's too late to get it written for this year.

Bekki Lynn said...

Ornaments of Dreams, that's a wonderful idea, Lindsay. I think you should write it.

Including the orchards in a story had entered my mind. I had told the guys I needed to go through the maze to get a feel for it. I can't do it alone. I tend to panic when I can't find the right way.

So many great ideas popping up.

Bekki Lynn said...

Savanna, I'd love for you to write a Christmas story. I so enjoyed your Halloween story.

I have a couple Christmas stories in the works, but I find them a bit more needy. Maybe it's me and the details I feel necessary. lol