Thursday, 16 December 2010

Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

No matter how carefully I make my list and plan my shopping each year, it seems I always need those dreaded last minute Christmas gifts. 

Then comes the argument with myself. Am I going to hop in the car, spend hours in traffic, and fight the crowds to buy...what? 
Do I really want to drive round and round searching, wishing, and yes, even praying for a parking spot? Then shall I hike the half mile to the store from the nearest parking space? Will I have my feet walked on, be pushed and coughed on, and endure rude responses from harried clerks just to be pointed toward decimated shelves for the perfect, last minute gift?
Okay, maybe not the perfect gift at this point. Mediocre might have to do. After all, it is last minute and I'll be forced to take whatever is left or fall back on giving a gift certificate. Or will I?
That is when the creative side of my brain finally kicks in and I begin to think. (The "too tired to go shopping one more time" body is definitely urging on the creative spark from my brain.) 
The new parents among my clan would be thrilled with the gift of an evening of baby-sitting. My Auntie with arthritis could use a few hours of help with housework or laundry with a coffee break of chat thrown in. My sister who works all kind of hours and has kids at home would love a hot meal already prepared one evening when she gets home. It only takes a few minutes to make pretty I. O. U. cards. (The trick now is not to promise too much that I'll never have time to deliver on, so enough of that.) 
But I do have enough ingredients to make extra cookies and another cake and I'm baking anyway. I make sampler plates of goodies, wrap them attractively in foil (or put them in gift boxes and tins) and save them for the bachelors, widows, and widowers in the family who won't cook such things for themselves. For those who don't or can't eat sweets, I make flavored instant coffee or mocha mix and put it in glass canning jars with pretty ribbons tied round the top. Then for the readers in the group, I always have a few of my print books on hand to give as a last minute gift.
Instead of jumping in your car and zooming to the mall, use your imagination and give of yourself this Christmas. We all get so busy and caught up in the commercialization of Christmas, we often forget that something as simple as our time, a few kind words, and a hug can be the most perfect gift of all.      

Now that you've taken care of everyone on your Christmas list, you owe yourself a treat. 
Why not make a huge mug of your favorite beverage, grab a new book or download a new ebook, slide into your easy chair, and put your feet up? You deserve it.

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Linda Acaster said...

That's a neat idea actually - as I look at the snow coming down, the list of names with NO ticks beside them (panic!)... and I'm sure your friends and relatives will hold you tighter in their hearts.

Enjoy your Christmas, too!

Savanna Kougar said...

So true, now is the time to simply give what you can from the heart. And, since I write them, of course books are the perfect gift. ~grinz~

Bekki Lynn said...

Wonderful ideas! We're into that for sure.

Regifting is something we do as well. Everyone gets a gift or two they can't use, so why not regift it. I thought I was being tacky doing so until yesterday. One of my radio stations had a dicussion about it on facebook -- everyone does it it seems. I'd recommend not regifting items to the same side of the family you received it from. It might end up back in the hands of the original gifter. ;)

Lindsay Townsend said...

These are wonderful, generous ideas, Rebecca, and really evoke the true meaning of giving.

Happy Holidays!

Markee Anderson said...

Merry Christmas and thank you, Lindsay, for putting the anthologies on here! VERY COOL!!! Great ideas for presents, too...and probably more appreciated than a tie or a scarf for Christmas. :)

Celia Yeary said...

Thankfully, our families gave up mass gift buying. We don't even send each other cards, only if you have a snapshot to add or a real letter. I, for one, almost resent the beautiful, expensive card that cost 44 cents to mail, and the giver says,"Love,..."--fill in the blank. Those mean nothing to me, and oh, how I wish to tell them, take the $50 you spent on all these cards and give it to the Salvation Army.
In fact, there's a great gift right there. Donate to the Red Kettle--or your food bank, or anything, and then, send an e-mail saying it was in their name.
I do buy gifts for the grandsons, but even there, they're old enough to get some money.
For adult family members that are near enough to spend some Christmas time with, we exchange food gifts. Buy, bake, cook, your choice.My husband adores "snacks" so our daughter gives him a gift bag filled with good things from Target--you know all those shelves with attractive food? Yum.And she makes her special sugar cookies that I like for me.
Have a wonderful Christmas season! Celia

Linda Swift said...

A wonderful reminder of what we can do for Christmas gifting that doesn't leave us too exhausted to enjoy the holiday. Like Celia, my family only gives a token gift, a "goodie bag" to each member. And the promise of time or talent or whatever a person needs after the holidays makes Christmas last all year. I'm tired just reading about all that useless shopping so I'm going to enjoy a cup of Earl Grey and a snack right now!

Linda Swift said...

Thanks, Lindsay, for posting my cover along with all these other wonderful Christmas selections.
Merry Christmas to everyone. May your holidays be blessed with good times with those you love.
Linda S.

Rebecca J Vickery said...

Congratulations to Linda Acaster for winning her choice of an ebook download of her choice from our four Christmas Collections. Sending an email your way.