Friday, 17 December 2010

What is your GOTTA HAVE this Christmas???


We've talked about gifts for others, but for one minute let's consider ourselves.
There has to be something you are yearning for -- craving deeply -- wanting desperately to find in your stocking or under the tree. Your answer does not have to be practical or something you actually expect to receive. It can be outlandish and fantastic -- something you may never
receive in your lifetime, BUT...just in case Santa is listening:

Other than health, wealth, and peace on Earth, if you could have anything you truly desire, what would be on your Christmas list? Please leave a comment and share.  
What is your GOTTA HAVE this year? 

Maybe a new Kindle Ereader or a NOOK?

 Or tickets for a cruise to exotic locals?


                                                             Perhaps a new wardrobe? 

A contract with a New York publisher or signing with an agent?  


Rebecca J. Vickery, Publishing by Rebecca J. Vickery, Victory Tales Press, Western Trail Blazer, and all our authors and associates want to thank everyone for the wonderful year we've had in 2010. 
We are looking forward to bigger and better things for 2011.  
May God bless all of you abundantly and without measure!
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We would also like to share a few of the beautiful Christmas covers from 
some of our favorite authors:

Please feel free to name your favorite Christmas read in the comments.



Lindsay Townsend said...

For me, please - big contract!
Large advance!
Bundles of energy!
Time to read my TBR pile!

Erotic Horizon said...

Me being me I wants it all hon..

I want the big things like Peace on earth

and then I want the little things..

The perfect hiding place to escape for a few hours from my kids...

Happy holidays hon...


Keta Diablo said...

I want to stop world-wide hunger. One out of eight children in the US go to bed hungry -- and we're considered the best country on this planet.

In many third world countries, water is not available to children -- not water fit to drink anyway.

Both the above are shameful and I hope to help somehow this year change those statistics.

My family has been very blessed, and yet the guilt consumes me.

Other than that, I might have to break down and get a KINDLE. I think I'll have to win one in order to alleviate the guilt of buying one when children are going hungry.

Blessings to all for a wonderful holiday, Keta

Rebecca J Vickery said...

Hi Lindsay,
I definitely hope Santa grants your wishes. I truly believe he will.

Rebecca J Vickery said...

I'm like that and want it all too. LOL
Happy holidays to you and I hope you get your quiet moments I know you cherish. With the kids out for holidays, there's not many quiet spots to be had.

Rebecca J Vickery said...

Hi Keta,
It is odd that my hubby and I were just discussing this very thing a few days ago. How can a country as rich and blessed as ours let even one child do without food? It boggles the mind. I pray you get your wish and can find some peace to enjoy the holidays.

Cheryl Pierson said...

Hi Rebecca,
Well, for me, it is probably what we are all wishing for--that huge contract that puts us "out there" and maybe gets us a movie offer, puts us on the NYT bestseller list and propels us forward career wise. LOL TALK ABOUT A FANTASY!!! WHOO HOO!!! But as long as we are dreaming it might as well be a GOOD ONE! LOL I would say I'l like a husband who it totally supportive, but I figure world peace will happen first...


Karen Michelle Nutt said...

All the above is fantastic! I'm hoping once my husband finishes school, he'll land a job. He had to make a career move and without the second income, it's been tough.

Here's to hoping all our wishes come true! Merry Christmas all!!

Anne Patrick said...

I'd love a month long, all-expense paid vacation in Italy. And while there my agent would call to tell me Random House just offered to buy three of my books in progress AND the Hallmark chanel wants to make a movie from another one of my books. Hows that for dreaming!

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Laurean Brooks said...

My biggest wish is that God's love would penetrate all hearts. Then peace would automatically come.

Besides that I pray for economical turn-around, and leaders who will stand for what is right and just.

But not far down the list is my wish to purchase every book that catches my eye and curl up in a chair, a lap blanket pulled across my legs, with a cup of hot chocolate at my fingertips.

Ah-h-h...does it get any better?

Savanna Kougar said...

Wow! What a list of wishes. I won't go into my BIG ONES because they would be considered too controversial, except to say there is no excuse for anyone going hungry.

For myself, the thought of having several portable solar panels sounds real darn good. Of course, I'd love to have all the readers who want to read my books be able to purchase them. Or, as I realized today, I need a lifetime where I'm pampered and spoiled.

Laurean Brooks said...

Anne, I hope you get all your wishes. I also would love to see a movie contract for my novel, "Journey To Forgiveness."

Celia Yeary said...

Ah, but we can dream, can't we? Okay, then a call from Ophrah she'd selected one of my books for her Reader's Choice, or whatever it's called. (I already have my Kindle dh bought me for christmas.)

If we're wishing for others, my usual is "a real home for every child in the world."
Merry Christmas everyone! Celia

Redameter said...

The one thing I never get is jewelry, and I'd love to have either a sterling silver charm barclet from James Avery or a diamond necklace. But of course this is simply wishful thinking. No one in their right mind would give me such a thing. I'd love to have a new computer as this one is giving me fits at times too. However, all of this is just wishful thinking. If I want it, I gotta earn it.

Thanks for letting me say it aloud (sigh).

Love and blessings

Redameter said...

All those who yearn for world peace and feeding all the children, and everything sunshine, oh yes, what a definite want, but to see it all happen would be a miracle from God. In fact so would the diamond or braclet.

At my daughter's work there is a tree and it is filled with the needs of kids and old folks who need things for Christmas, wouldn't it be wonderful if all those needs could be met? Well, last year they came very close to furnishing most of them here in our little town of Wylie. So miracles do happen. Today my grandson's school, Wylie East all got together and raised $5,000 for a 16 year old girl with Ovarian Cancer. They held a basketball game and the ticket money went to her and the kids raised money from their parents. So another little miracle was born.

In the bible it says we'll have wars, and hunger, and diseases.
but those are wishes for miracles.
God grants some miracles. But it's like they say, you can't have the good without the bad, the sun without the moon. Day without night. But maybe if we all wished at the same time, for the same thing it would all come true. And that would be a real miracle!!!

Merry Christmas all of you.
Love and blessings

Savanna Kougar said...

Rita, that would be a miracle. I don't know if you've heard of this expression: mass consciousness. However, it's a large group of folks all praying or meditating in their own way for something good, like healing a group of other folks. It works.

For some reason, I don't completely understand, it's not being used on a wide scale as a good solution to many of our world's problems.

Rebecca J Vickery said...

Hi Cheryl,
Santa just might be listening and in the mood to toss a movie deal in your stocking. I hope so. But they will need lots of ketchup on the set for the blood on all your wounded heroes. LOL

Hi Karen,
We definitely hope things pick up for you guys in the New Year.

Hi Anne,
Wonderful dreams and here's wishing all of them come true for you.

Hi Laurean,
I agree and Journey to Forgiveness would make a wonderful Hallmark movie.

Hi Savanna,
I am right there with you feeling like I could use some pampering and being spoiled. Hope all your wishes come true.

Hi Celia,
That's a lovely wish for all the children of the world and glad you are enjoying your Kindle. I am wishing for Oprah to call you.

Hi Rita,
I too believe we need miracles and since I truly believe in them, I am going to keep wishing and praying and hope others will too. We might yet see some changes in this old world.

Chelle Cordero said...

Ok, I admit it, I'd love to come into some money - sure I would pay off some of my past due bills, but more importantly I'd help a disabled relative keep his house, let my kids go back to school if wanted, help out a nephew whose state funded scholarship was discontinued for the economy, and save lots of critters at the local animal shelter.

For the most part I have just about everything I want, kids, hubby, cats, friends and my books.

Hope y'all have happy & healthy holidays.

Jacquie Rogers said...

I want a big honkin' hard drive. 2TB.

And all the people with neurofibromatosis to be cured. If they find a cure for NF, then they will also find a cure for tumorous cancers. Children's Tumor Foundation, ending Neurofibromatosis through Research.

Rebecca J Vickery said...

Hi Chelle and Jacquie,
I hope both of you get your very special wishes. I am looking forward to the day of the one little pill that cures all such diseases.

Merry Christmas everyone and thanks for all the wonderful GOTTA HAVES you've shared.

Rebecca J Vickery said...

Congrats to Chelle for winning her choice of an ebook download from the four VTP Christmas Collections. An email is on its way to you.

Merry Christmas and thanks to everyone for your participation.