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Review Fest with Author Stephanie Burkhart

I just want to thank Lindsay for suggesting Review Fest week. I've got a couple of books & reviews I'd like to share with you.

Victorian Scoundrel
This is my latest release, out 1 JUL 2011. It's something a little different for me - it's steampunk romance. BLURB: When Alice, Princess of York, travels back in time to keep her cousin, Edmund, out of mischief, she's in for a pound of trouble! Why, steampunk? Gail Delaney, EIC at Desert Breeze put out a call for steampunk so I thought I'd try. I didn't necessarily want the obvious paranormal elements such as vampires & werewolves, so I stuck to a more "traditional" vision, using time travel as my paranormal element. I also used some staple steampunk gadgets such as "datamancers" and "transmogifiers," but I added whuzzies and couple of more surprises. Here a couple of reviews for Victorian Scoundrel:

"She grips the reader instantly, and keeps them hooked until the last page... I highly recommend this with highest of 5 stars, and I can't wait until the second Windsor Diaries installment releases!" - Molly, E., Reader's Favorites

"A wonderful historical, paranormal steampunk read this was. The author really had me hooked from the first chapter... I loved the humor in this read along with the historical facts. You can tell the author did a wonderful job in her research. This new series is going to be a big hit. She has me hooked. This is a must read." - Pen & The Muse Book Reviews

"Her characters are enigmatic, eclectic and all worth their weight in gold especially the Royals, Alice and Edmund, whose personalities constantly kept me turning pages. They didn’t lessen my admiration for the other characters in the book, from the ordinary to the sublime. The romance in the first episode in this series is sweet and naughty at the same time." - Larkspur, Long & Short Reviews

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The Wolf's Torment

Released 1 MAY 2011, this one is probably my darkest and most challenging book I've written. It's a paranormal romance set in Romania, 1865. BLURB: Prince Mihai Sigmaringen returns to Moldavia where he meets the beautiful Theresa von Kracken. When a werewolf threatens his family, including Theresa, his determination and courage will be tested like never before. I orginally wrote the story in 2006/2007 and it's gone through many, many drafts. Here are a couple of reviews:

"A complete werewolf story through and through, Burkhart does it again with an amazing cast of characters, entertaining dialogue and plot." - Pen & The Muse Book Reviews

"The Wolf’s Torment has it all, witches, werewolves, a vampire, princess and prince. This is paranormal romance at its finest... I found The Wolf’s Torment to be an entertaining read. I truly cared about the characters. I look forward to reading the next book in this series." - Reader's Favorites

"For readers who relish character driven stories steeped in historical detail and dabbled throughout with touches of magic, I would highly recommend THE WOLF'S TORMENT. You will find it satisfying, even as it leaves you hungering for more." - Kathyrn, The Romance Reviews

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The Count's Lair

Released 1 FEB 2011, I absolutely loved writing Anton and Amelia's story. It's another paranromal romance set in Budapest, 1901. BLURB: Count Anton Varga dares Lady Amelia Andrássy to discover the dark secret he hides from the rest of the world.

This novel was my 2009 NaNoWriMo project and my first for NaNoWriMo. In 1997, I went to Budapest on an USO while I was deployed to Hungary and fell in love with the city. I was delighted to make it the setting of my Budapest Moon series. Just recently the book was recognized by Reader's Favorites as their Silver Winner in the Romance: Sci-Fi/Fantasy category. Here a couple of reviews:

"Want a recipe for a great story? Take an awesome writer like Ms. Burkhart, stir in her intimate knowledge of Hungary, her innate ability to create wonderful characters, a book-full of suspense, mystery and passion and you get a book you can’t put down." - Fennel, Long & Short Reviews

"The Count’s Lair is filled with suspense, mystery, passion, and the paranormal. This story is set in the beautiful city of Budapest; the author brings her knowledge of the area to her plot. She describes the history and culture of Budapest... I was cheering for Anton. However, for me the best scene was the last one when Anton gives Amelia her choice. He held her with an open hand." - Reader's Favorite Reviews

"Burkhart does it again with book two in the Budapest Moon book series, The Count’s Lair. The second book is filled with passion, chock full of paranormal goodness, romance, suspense and mystery... Those who love paranormal romance with a dash of suspense and mystery will fall in love with The Count’s Lair and do not forget to read the first book in the series!" - Pen & Muse Reviews

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Lindsay Townsend said...

Excellent reviews, Steph! And huge congrats on your Steampunk adventure! It's wonderful when a writer can explore and have fun with a new sub-genre in that way and means readers have even more to explore.
Well done!

Mona Risk said...

I love Stephanie Burkhart's paranormal fantasy.

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I love Stephanie Burkhart's paranormal fantasy.too.

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