Monday, 12 September 2011

Welcome to our Reviewfest!

Welcome! Starting this week, the members of the Lindsay's Romantics blog are sharing and celebrating the reviews they have received for their work. Reviews from review sites, reviews by fellow authors and most, important, reviews from you, our readers.

To begin I'm sharing a brief round-up of my recent reviews:

To Touch the Knight has been given a detailed and positive review by AAR (to read the whole thing, please go to their review page), and Joyfully Reviewed have made it a recommended read:

To Touch The Knight is a finely woven tale that has more than one intrigue you don’t expect in a historical. Ms. Townsend is able to bring forth a happy ending to a group of people who were horrifically affected by the plague. I was so intrigued by the plot in To Touch The Knight I was unable to put it down until I finished the last page. If you want a little different historical romance then I Joyfully Recommend To Touch The Knight.

This book has also been given 4.5 ribbons from Lydia at Romance Junkies, who says:  'You will fall in love with the sensuous, but sweet interactions between Sir Ranulf and the mysterious princess as their story takes us on a journey through one of the most horrific times in history. A definite must read...'

Reviews from readers are the most precious of all. Recently I was delighted with this review of my Flavia's Secret at Dr. J.'s Book Place. The rating was 4 - Good:

A very complicated story that is set in the times of the Roman Empire with all its political ins and outs that are not often easy to understand. Lots of characters, a lot of tension between the slave population and those who own them, religious difficulties and persecution of Christians, and at the core, a very intense love story that is set in what appears to be an impossible situation. A good read and one that historical romance fans will find satisfying and entertaining.

I was also pleased and delighted by this reader's review of my A Knight's Enchantment on amazon. This is our own Linda Banche giving me a super 5 Stars:

Alchemist Joanna must do the impossible--create an elixir for eternal life in order to free her father from the clutches of the evil bishop. The noble knight, Hugh seeks to free his brother, also a captive of the malicious clergyman. Together they join forces to defeat the evildoer and in the process, fall in love.

A KNIGHT'S ENCHANTMENT has everything I like in a romance--an unconventional heroine, a decent hero, a truly villainous villain and a story brimming with accurate history, tons of excitement and romance.
 I love strong, capable heroines, and Joanna is one of the best. An alchemist, she is a predecessor of today's modern-day chemist.

I especially like the hero. Hugh is gorgeous (he's a romance hero, so it comes with the territory), but he's also a decent man who can be ruthless when needed, but also kind and gentle, especially with Joanna. Of course, she falls in love with him. Who wouldn't?

A KNIGHT'S ENCHANTMENT is another winner for Ms. Townsend. I can't wait for her next Knight book.

Of course I've got my share of one star reviews, including one that just says 'Huh?' They do hurt and I and I feel prickly for a time, but reviews are very subjective and a one star is also a reader's privilege.

I hope everyone enjoys reading and sharing reviews in the next few days - and perhaps as readers, creating more.



Maggie Toussaint said...

I'm delighted to see such awesome reviews for your work! You're such a talented writer and its high time that others are able to learn what you're all about. Very Well Done!
Maggie Toussaint

Lindsay Townsend said...

Thanks, Maggie! I'm looking forward to the reviews of other writers all this week, too!

Bekki Lynn said...

I echo Maggie, Lindsay. I love the Knight series and can't wait to catch up with the last two.

Savanna Kougar said...

Lindsay, great big congrats! And, I know that prickly hedgehog feeling. ~smiles~

Lindsay Townsend said...

Thanks, Bekki - I do hope you enjoy my latest knight novels!

Thanks, Savanna - oh yes, the hedgehog, I think as writers we've all had that. Looking forward to seeing your reviews up later this week.

Linda Banche said...

I like that your heroines are women of their time, and yet they're out of the ordinary. After all, they're heroines, not just the girl next door. And I like your knight heroes are decent men even though they've participated in the horror of war.

Lindsay Townsend said...

Thanks, Linda B. We clearly feel the same way, since I love those aspects in your heroines and heroes. I really enjoy reading your work because it's not set in a world of dukes and rakes.

I know with some of the romances of the 1970s the conflict between the hero and heroine was often so intense and so ongoing I used to feel their HEAs were all faintly unreal. I like tenderness and reality and the feeling a couple can take tea together as well as a manic swung from the chandeliers romp. (Nothing wrong with that, either, but I do like both.)