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Guest blog: Clova Leighton - 'A Court Lady'

Sebastian Von Lichtenberg is a German soldier who has been a bit too close to the Emperor’s sister.  Corisande is one of the Empress Josephine’s ladies, a pretty girl who has many suitors.  Napoleon wants to get his aide married, and selects her as a possible candidate.  Can Sebastian learn to love the flighty French girl?  Can she give up some of her frivolities to please the serious German baron? Will they make a happy couple? 

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Corisande had never enjoyed herself so much as she was now doing at Bayonne. Being warm hearted, and deeply attached to the Empress, she was delighted that Josephine and the Emperor were having what was almost a second honeymoon. They went for walks and drives and he bathed in the sea. He and his wife ran along the sands, hand in hand, like a pair of happy children. Seeing that, it was hard to believe that he was considering divorcing her. And she was enjoying her growing friendship with Sebastian. He had lost much of his stiffness, and was positively eager to talk to her about military and other matters.

Sebastian was pleased that chaperonage was milder in the holiday atmosphere. He was much more comfortable in the open air and they were able to go for walks and rides together. Blanche often accompanied them, but she was tactful and often 'lost herself.' And he was finding, to his own discomfort, that young Mlle. de Belmaris was beginning to attract him more. Even her faults, such as her attempts to be seen as less intelligent than she really was, or her silly little habit of losing things, were becoming endearing.

He was impressed by her warm-hearted loyalty to Josephine .He liked the Empress himself, but he could see her faults and he was well aware that the Emperor wanted a divorce. Napoleon had a sentimental and partly superstitious feeling for his wife, but it did not alter his essential ruthlessness. The fact that they were enjoying themselves on this trip would not stop Napoleon from ending their marriage, if he thought it necessary for the good of the country. But Sebastian knew Corisande was trying to blind herself to that reality, because of her affection for her patroness.

More and more, he wondered what it would be like to make love to the pretty brunette. He believed there were depths of passion in her nature. She had a feeling, loving heart; he could see that from her affection for the Empress and even for the flighty Blanche. And she had so much physical grace and energy. He loved to watch her dancing, or to hold her hands in dances himself. Her joie de vivre and gaiety showed that she was likely to become skilled and delightful in the bedroom. She had such charm and yet, even though she was flirtatious, she was careful never to go too far.

Sebastian tried to control his thoughts, but all the same he was constantly pondering on the idea that it would be wonderful to be the man who aroused her desires. What would it be like, to be her lover, to be the one who first took her?

For her part, Corisande found that Sebastian was much more agreeable, away from the formalities of Parisian society. Like most girls with a new love, she found herself wanting to talk about him to others, and began to question her friend about whether she liked him.

The blonde girl laughed cheerfully, "I like him very well, but I'd hate to be married to him." 


"Oh, yes. He's far too stiff for my taste. I would say that he expects his wife to be a paragon. German women are expected to stay home and keep house, and make butter and preserves all the time, you know. You'd have to learn plain sewing and cookery. He would probably have a fit at our expensive dress bills. Don't you remember how disapprovingly he looked at me the other night, when I lost all that money at cards? He looked as if he'd like to spank me..." Blanche concluded her estimate of the German officer with a naughty giggle.

Clova's Bio:

I was born in Ireland, but have lived for many years in London.  I love the Irish countryside and other rural landscapes, but also enjoy city living especially in a wonderfully historical city such as London.  
I work in administration at present and wish I had more time to write.  I have had many different jobs, including working in hospitals, in social work and in a bookshop.  I loved the bookshop particularly. I used to work in a civil service department, promoting culture and used my historical knowledge about figures in the past of Britain.  I have also worked in university administration, and run a small business and did a short stint in publishing and a brief one in the legal field. 

When I get a little time, I go to flower arranging classes and jewellery making.  I like to travel, but haven’t been very far in latter years.  I’ve most recently visited Cyprus, fairy tale beautiful Luxembourg and Paris. I love the Napoleonic era and particular loved my visit to Malmaison, Josephine’s beloved palace.

I hope to continue writing historical romances and maybe some modern stories as well.

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