Friday, 1 June 2012

Guest post: B. C. Brown - 'A Touch of Darkness'

A Touch of Darkness
by B. C. Brown

Abigail St. Michael, a former cop, has joined the recently growing ranks of metaphysicals, individuals with abilities outside that of normal human nature. When a murderer stalks her town killing children, Abbey uses her ability of touch clairvoyance to hunt him down. Her only roadblock is that her murderer seems to have his own unique talent, the ability to 'wipe' his victims and their surroundings of any metaphysical energy. With little physical evidence and no supernatural evidence, Abbey is forced to rely on instinct and luck to solve the case. However both Abbey's luck and instinct seem to have taken a permanent vacation as the victims keep piling up with the killer's escalating blood lust.

The police had speculated that Irving Schleck had been mugged and then shoved down a flight of subway stairs not far from his home. These brilliant deductions by our fine men and women in uniform were made based on the fact that Mr. Schleck was located at the bottom of the stairwell and his wallet was missing.
            Elementary, my dear Watson, elementary.
            It helped that, while the Schleck neighborhood was generally pretty tame, some unsavory elements had begun to creep into the once nice neighborhood a little more every year.
             If it walks like a duck…
            Lieutenant Jason Davis didn’t think it was a duck, and he called me in. Of course, the quote-end-quote real police work had led the fine detectives to a dead end in the case. Davis only had permission to call me in on a case once all the real leads were exhausted.
            No, that’s not sarcasm in my voice or anything?!
            I’d gotten the call on my work cell. I actually have a second that I carried for just police work. For a while, my advisory jobs had become so hectic that the calls began to outnumber my personal ones. Davis had spoken to the police chief and gotten the force to foot the bill for a company phone.
            Everyone referred to it as the “Bat Signal.”
            I digress.
            Davis called me in and, almost a week after the incident, I walked the crime scene for the first time. I was more than a little pissed. I was even more pissed when I arrived on the crime scene amidst a light drizzle.
            Rain is a problem for individuals with my unique talents. Water washes away metaphysical energy as quickly as it washes away physical evidence. A violent event can get trapped for longer but eventually time and the elements fade the energy no matter how violent the event. I mean, I’m not still picking up shit from the Manson murders or anything. 
            Once I arrived on the crime scene, I was really doubtful I’d pick up anything left over. I told the lieutenant my doubts. He encouraged me to try, regardless; he always encouraged me to try. It was his special talent, I guess. So I slipped off my special-made gloves.
            Clothing doesn’t always protect me from seeing impressions, but the gloves were a damned sight better than my walking around bare-skinned. That would land me back in the funny farm in no time. Trust me, I know, I’d been there once already. I had once brushed up against a woman who beat her two children on a twice-daily basis. I felt her glee as she did it; her happiness as she felt their little bones crunch under her/my hands…
            Oh, God…
            I digress.
            Davis knew my doubts, but I did my job. I slipped off my sweet Italian, designer gloves and touched everything in sight. The railing, the stairs, the curb where he’d busted his damned head, and… nothing. Nada, zip, nein – no pun intended, Mr. Schleck. There was nothing left to see. I told the lieutenant as much, but I was wrong.
            There was a cat.

B.C. Brown was born with six fingers on each hand endowing her with super powers, thus enabling her to fight crime.  When a freak Cuisinart accident severed the additional digits and her powers, B.C. was forced to fall back on her secondary talent -writing.  Now she lives between the pages of a book - whether she has written it or not.  Since she has not found the surgeon to restore her fingers and powers, she has published three novels to date and contributed to one anthology.  She enjoys writing mystery, paranormal romance, science fiction and fantasy but is always in the mood for a challenge to branch out.  You can follow her crime fighting or writing at twitter or facebook or Goodreads.


B.C. Brown said...

Thanks for having me on your blog, Lindsay. All the best and BREAK A PEN!!
BC Brown ~ Paranormal, Mystery, Romance, Fantasy
"Because Weird is Good."

Molly Daniels said...

I enjoyed this book AND it's sequel, Touch of Madness:) I also have the privilege of being BC's 'plot trampoline', as she calls me, when we meet for coffee, karaoke, or chatting on facebook:)

If your brain can keep up with Abbey and the way her mind works, you'll enjoy BC Brown's books. And no, she did not pay me to say that;)

Delphina said...

This looks so good. I have to send this link to my mom. We do not often have the same taste in books, but this one has the elements we are both drawn to. Yay!! I love adding to my TBR

Michele said...

It took me a bit to fall into Abbey's way of thinking, but once i did...Wow. I can't imagine how terrible it must be to not be able to touch things.
Waiting for A Touch of Darkness to come out on Kindle, but LOVE A Touch of Madness.
A great, unique read!

pmrussell said...

BC Brown is an excellent writer. She has a passion for words, which is necessary for great writing. I look forward to many more books by her.

B.C. Brown said...

Michele, thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed Abbey and her scatterbrained ways. Lol

Patricia, yay! Someone sees how much I like words. Lol Can't help myself. It's great having the support of other awesome authors like you. :-)