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Guest blog: Mickie Sherwood - 'Nicked Hearts'

Nick knows more about K.C.'s condition than he lets on. Will her act of kindness loosen his tongue?

Nicked Hearts
Genre: Mainstream/IR PG13
Count: 34,560
Price: $3.99

A Hawaiian escape is just what runaway K.C. Montreaux needs. Not the lies and deceit of her self-appointed rescuer. But—that’s not all Dr. Nick Hart supplies her.

K.C. ran the maze with master skills, blowing by the cabana hut for two beverages to-go and presently walked up Nick's path. He liked living dangerously for his doors were wide open and unplugged. A peek produced no Nick. "Nick?" The late evening light dimmed the interior causing her to delay entry. Another call and she heard his laughter swell behind her.
Walking to the end of the lanai, K.C. saw his trunk clad body at the water's edge standing head and shoulders above the circling flock of flitting females. A strange taste entered her mouth forcing her to put labels on it. Jealousy? Envy? He happened to look up and his smile broadened, his hand waved, he said something to his admirers and his lope headed him in her direction, fitting the proper term into her mind. Adoration. She adored him.
"Hey, you!" he greeted with extreme friendliness. She was a cool cucumber in her waist-length crop top paired with a flowered sarong tied below the navel and slit to show off a little thigh.
"It's flat, now," she complained, more to herself than to him. "The 7-up foam's gone. But I brought you something Hawaiian to drink." She corrected his error when he reached for the wrong one, maintaining eye contact to avoid any lustful thoughts. "This one's yours."
He took the hand-off and a sip. "A Tie Me to the Bedpost! Scrumptious!"
"You've heard of it?"
"You haven't?" he countered, plopping down on one of two padded loungers.
"Prisoner in a palace, remember?"
K.C.'s drink headed to her lips when his hand reached to cover the top. "Alcohol?"
Her brows knitted. "So?"
He did not want to show his hand. "I didn't know you drank."
"Why would you know that, Nick? Actually, we don't know anything about each other—and that's just fine with me." Some of the moment lost its appeal. "I'll see you later."
Nick sprang to his feet. "K.C., wait." He relieved her of her drink while also putting his down. "Let's go for a swim."
"Changing topics in a capricious manner. Hmmm. You're good, Nick Hart." K.C. knew he manipulated her. "Let's go," she crowed, dropping her cover to expose her bikinied bottom to his appreciative ogle.
He watched her prance off marveling at the rare gem before him, and happily trailed behind as close as her shadow.

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Mickie Sherwood
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Mickie said...

Hi, all,
Lindsay was kind enough to allow me this opportunity to share. I love touchy, feely romance. So, I write what I love because I don't believe I'm the only one out there who feels this way.

Thanks to those who dropped in for a look-see.


Destiny Blaine said...

Hi Mickie,

Wishing you much success with Nicked Hearts. Thanks so much for sharing.

Destiny :)