Wednesday, 15 August 2012

If you like Viking Romances...

If you enjoy Viking romances you may be interested in 'The Eagle's Woman' and 'Far After Gold'. I've recently read and enjoyed both books. Both have Irish heroines and interesting heroes.

Here are my reviews.

The Eagle's Woman - Miriam Newman
5 Stars.

If you like Viking romance, this is one for you.

From its tense opening, 'The Eagle's Woman' grips the reader and doesn't let go. This is the first part of a series and it promises to be an engaging, fascinating number of stories. The Viking hero, Ari, is sympathetic and the Irish heroine a worthy foil to him. The romance between the two develops swiftly and always realistically, while set against a brutal time. Viking society is shown, both good and bad, and the other characters are well drawn.
I look forward to the second part.

Far After Gold - Jen Black
5 Stars

Tender and Tough Historical Romance
I always enjoy and can relate to Jan Black's lively and realistic characters and her Viking hero and Irish heroine in 'Far After Gold' are no exception. Ms Black shows the reader their feelings, actions and thoughts and excels in placing them in situations where both are 'right'. The tough but tender romantic conflict between them was very well done and kept me reading and interested throughout.

Also, there is history and social history deftly woven into this story, so that a reader is transported back vividly into the Viking past.

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel, was captivated by it. If you're looking for a romance about 'real' Vikings, I urge you to try 'Far After Gold'.

Do you have a Viking romance to suggest? Please add to the comments section of this blog article.



Miriam Newman said...

Thank you, Lindsay, and congrats to Jen. As soon as I figure out why my firewall is blocking Amazon (gah!), I'll be right over to get her book.

Linda Acaster said...

They sound good. I've always liked Viking era and liked Robert Lowe's series and Giles Kristian - though they are hardly romances!

Miriam Newman said...

Got it, Jen. Linda, I'll have to check those out. I do read non-romances, too.

Jen Black said...

hey! Thanks for doing this, Lindsay and thanks for the compliments! Miriam - I hope you enjoy the story!

Freda Lightfoot said...

Both books sound interesting and as I'm off to Norway for a cruise on Friday I shall look out for those Viking heroes.

Best, Freda

Jen Black said...

Have a wonderful cruise, Freda!