Thursday, 20 December 2012

Romances for Christmas - Lindsay Townsend

Quite a few of my romances take place at Christmas-time, or over the Yule-time period. Why is that? Because Christmas is a time for families, for gifts, for beginnings, for magic. Here are my Romances at Christmas.

'Twelve Kisses' is my latest story set at Christmas-time itself. I wanted it to be a story of love and hope, of a young couple finding each other again and reuniting in love. It's set a little later than my other medieval romances, just at the start of the Tudor period. Due out now at Amazon, Bookstrand and Muse it Up.

'A Knight's Captive,' my 1066 historical romance, has its climax and ending at Christmas. We go with Sunniva and Marc to witness the crowning of William of Normandy and we see what happens later, when Sunniva returns with Marc, her new Norman lord, to her old Saxon homelands.

My modern romantic suspense, 'Voices in the Dark,' has many Christmas scenes and settings, including Venice in winter.

'The Snow Bride' is another historical romance. Christmas is fast approaching in this medieval tale of stolen brides and romance. Magnus and Elfrida must find them before the winter Solstice, the darkest time of the year.

If you fancy an 'older' kind of Christmas and Christmas celebrations, have a look at my 'Flavia's Secret'. This historical romance and mystery also has a climax during the ancient Roman Saturnalia - their pagan version of our Christmas. This title is only a dollar from SirenBookstrand

I wrote my 'A Christmas Sleeping Beauty,' as a fairy tale at Christmas. What will Prince Orlando have to do and learn to wake and win his sleeping princess?

You can learn more and read first chapters and reviews by clicking on the covers on the sidebar of the sister blog of this one at Lindsay's Book Chat. That will take you to the book pages for each story. Links to my books at bookstores are also on the sidebar.

Happy Reading!


Cheryl Pierson said...

Wow, Lindsay! What a wonderful collection of Christmas stories! These all look great, and perfect for my "reading vacation" I'm giving myself over the Christmas holidays at some point. Thanks for posting these and giving us a look at them in brief. How will I decide????

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas, my friend!


Lindsay Townsend said...

Many thanks, Cheryl! Have you any Christmas-set reads you have to share?

Sarah J. McNeal said...

Here I am, tardy. I've read several of these stories and loved them. Flavia's Secret, Voices in the Dark and A Knight's Captive (sounds very intriguing) are the only ones I haven't read. Your historicals are so fantastic.
I wish you a wonderful holiday season and a terrific New Year.