Monday, 5 April 2010

Release Day - Happy Ever After Anthology

Happy Ever After Anthology includes my Annie and the Young Master - Banished from her home, Lillian Basford picked herself up and set out to start a new life. When Samuel Wadkins came along and gave her a real-life taste of what her dreams with him had teased her with, she became torn between her life as it was and what it'd now become. (Historical fairy tale)

This is my first attempt to rewrite a fairy tale. When I committed to doing it, I knew I didn't want to rewrite any I'd seen done. So, I went through a long, long list of fairy tales and came upon an English tale titled 'Cap 'O Rushes'. I tried to stay within the era and rewrite it with an erotic twist and embellishments. I think it came out fine.

Other eXcessica authors included: Gabriel Daemon, Elise Hepner, Giselle Renarde, Tessa Buxton, Karenna Colcroft, Phineas Magnus, Dakota Trace and Ava James.

Here's a snippet from Annie and the Young Master:
With her stomach grumbling at the sight of the plump dark fruit, Lillian plucked one and tasted. “Mmmm.” Sweetness filled her mouth. Taking the bunch, she walked back toward the road and sat among the tall grasses. She savored each morsel until the sound of horses hooves pounding the packed dirt road came near. She stilled, certain her cloak would keep her hidden if one should look her direction. The carriage passed her by.

“Whoa,” a male voice said.

Closing her eyes, she feared he owned the field and would have her jailed. Careful not to move, she listened. From the single sound of boots slapping the hardened dirt, she knew he’d jumped down. She held her breath as he came closer.

“Pilfering fruit from the vine, are we?”

His voice directly behind her startled her, but she didn’t turn.

“Come up here,” he said, grabbing her by the shoulders.

She rose, facing him as his hands insisted. Before her stood the man who spent a fortnight in her dreams. Lowering her head from his view, she remained silent.

“Why are you wearing such a garment?” His hands came up and moved the hood from her head, revealing what must look a tangled mass of haze.

Lillian swallowed the embarrassment of being less than presentable. “I’ve no other,” she said with a meekness his presence caused.

She let her eyes meet his when silence seemed to linger from him. Samuel Wadkins studied her eyes, her face with his deep gray eyes. Shivers swept through her as snippets of her dreams swam before her. His hands gentle on her, making her feel warm, special–like a woman. His words soft and loving as his face closed the distance between them. She always woke before the touch of his lips.

Samuel wiped his finger along her bottom lip then licked the juice from it, his tongue moving slow up to the tip. Tingles twirled in her belly.

“Mmm, I wonder…”

His young, smooth face became taught with strained…she wasn’t sure what, but she sensed no fear for herself.

Fingers grazed her cheeks. “Your skin is soft like silkweed,” he murmured.

“It is your touch that is smooth and tender.” Lillian’s heart drummed within her. How he could not hear, she did not know.

He reached for her hands and turned her palms up, caressing them with his. She wavered on her feet as fire seared through her veins.

“Tender flesh. I think you’re not a homeless waft, nor a worker.”

She yanked her hands back, wishing she’d considered her under worked flesh. “Please, sir. You’re being too familiar.”

“Not yet, but I feel…”

Before he finished, his arms were about her and his mouth was on hers, moving, tasting her lips and left while shock held her still. Fingers kneaded through the cloak, relaxing her. She dared to rest her hands on his waist while her mouth succumbed to his, even opening to him when he attempted to slip his tongue between her lips.

He teased her into playing and she became the lover she wanted to be for him. Letting her hands move up and wind around his neck, she slipped her fingers into his dark hair, enjoying the flavor of coffee and cinnamon as she mirrored his movements, kissing him with equal need, hunger.

Her knees bent as he lowered her, coming down to lay over her as she opened to see him. He watched her with eyes darkened by his need, his face drawn with what she also wanted. Waiting for him to guide her into what was new to her, a niggling voice said she was behaving unladylike. It didn’t override what the unfinished dreams left her wanting. She wanted to know him as her heart ached for him to know her. She felt her dress rise and her pantaloon pushed down. She searched his eyes, willing to give him what she’d been told was sacred to man she’d marry.

“I feel as I know you and don’t. Please, tell me your name,” he requested, his voice more gravelly than before.



Savanna Kougar said...

Bekki, cool!
How about a snippet here or at Happily Ever After?

Lindsay Townsend said...

Many congratulations, Bekki, on your latest release! I agree with Savanna - please pop a snippet here and at HEA!
I hope it sells and sells!

Bekki Lynn said...

Sorry -- wasn't thinking clear enough I guess.

I added a snippet.

Kaye Manro said...

Congrats to you Bekki!

Bekki Lynn said...

Thanks, Kaye.

Savanna Kougar said...

Bekki, luv the snippet! Especially the fairytale feel of it.

Linda Acaster said...

Reads well, Bekki, go to it!

Lindsay Townsend said...

Beautiful excerpt, Bekki! Perfect blend of faery and reality.